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“The K2 Virus”


4 Small Stars
The K2 Virus

After reading, The K2 Virus, I think I’m ready for my Doctorate in Medicine! This is a pretty detailed explanation of how a potent disease spreads from patient zero to the rest of the population. There is a lot of medical and scientific material in this book. I’m not sure where the science fiction comes in, but at least I hope it’s all fiction.

The story kind of revolves around a young man who’s something of a nerd medical school dropout. He’s certainly smart, but lacks a lot of self confidence. He’s honest to the point of causing a company he was working for to fail since he wouldn’t go along with some of their questionable procedures in producing commercial drugs. Now he’s working for a new company and has an opportunity to get a number of his former colleagues hired to support a military effort. The US Army wants to inoculate all their troops in Korea with a new drug.

Daniel Mann and his boss, a Dr. Benedict, have to travel to South Korea to administer the injections and make sure they are working with no side effects. Not a problem for Daniel since he is originally from South Korea. Why he’s where he’s at now is explained in the book. Any way, K2, the disease breaks out in North Korea and soon finds it’s way into South Korea. So Daniel finds himself now in the middle of a major outbreak of a new disease. It’s kind of interesting to read about what happens, but it’s not real exciting. Oh, yeah, the author does throw in some sex since there’s quite a lot about his failure to have gotten laid this far into his twenties! There’s also some interesting information about Dr. Benedict which I don’t understand why it was part of the book. And, Dr. Benedict doesn’t seem to have a first name.

I really couldn’t get into the book very quickly and was looking for to to start getting exciting. It never happened. You just kind of drift through the book, in third person, and then it ends! Would have been better if North Korea had invaded!

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