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4 Small Stars

This was another excellent book written for the young set but it did keep me interested even though I am long past that generation. The writing is easy to read, makes sense (as far as sci-fi can) and has some good editing for an Amazon ebook.

The story does evolve around two kids; one in high school and one I believe in middle school. They are extremely bright kids, well that’s an understatement considering they seem to solve every problem the adults get them into. They have been accepted as part of a super secret science group studing something that is not originally of this earth. I won’t go into more detail; you need to read the first book to get that part.

It seems like every time they turn around, something is going haywire in this facility they are currently studying. But, there’s always a way out, it just up to the kids to figure it out. They do and always save the day so if you like stories with complete and happy endings, these are for you.

Don’t stay away from these books just because they are for young adults. They are very good reads and are entertaining. I look forward to more in the series.


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