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5 Small Stars

Whew! Another book that I couldn’t put down. I though the first one was exciting but hold on to your hats, this one takes off just like a jet or FTL spaceship!

I thought everything that could happen to our heroes did so in the first book, but here we are again, running for our lives and trying to out smart not only another super genius but the entire government black ops agency! The story has just as many twist and turns as the first book did. I don’t think my heart could stand up to all the stuff that happens to our main characters. It’s one thing to get going with your brain but entirely another to have to physically defend yourself against armed thugs. Fortunately, we just pop a tiny gelcap and now we can out think our enemies including adjusting our own physical abilities to adapt to any situation. And we can even play dead real convincingly which I probably would have done a lot as long as there weren’t any undertakers around.

Read both of these books, Amped and Wired. You won’t be disappointed. Put your smart cap on cause you’ll need it but they are both really quite fun to read.


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