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“Live Free or Die”


5 Small Stars
Live Free or Die

This was a very interesting and funny science fiction book. I wasn’t too sure about it at the start because it involved selling maple syrup to aliens!

I guess John Ringo has some political issues and it comes out in his writing. He moves through this book pretty rapidly because he kind of skips things like language barriers and other stuff you’d expect upon a first contact story. The main character seems kind of old at the beginning but doesn’t seem to age much throughout the book. He is obviously a genius because some of the ideas he comes up with are just too fantastic for most people.

This also is a business book going into great detail on how the main character wheels and deals with an alien federation. of course the main character get some implants which make it possible for him to directly interface with an alien network and alien corporations. Of course you have to believe that business is done everywhere in the galaxy just like it is done on Earth.

Still, a great read and some great action at the very end.


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