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“Fractured Earth”


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Fractured Earth

I cannot believe how this book has turned out. From flying in a starship to a new planet to colonize, we’re back on Earth, fighting zombies! Well, they’re not really “zombie” in that these things aren’t dead, yet. They’re infected with a virus that was purposely injected into humans to hopefully turn them into Chimeras or warfighters for the Kyra.

The Kyra were initially described as bird like with claws and cranial stems of some sort. I guess they now have evolved to looking something like humans because on of them was birthed by a human woman aboard the ill-fated colony ship, The Forerunner, many, many years ago. Through cry-sleep, Captain Clayton Cross had survived that failed mission only to find that Earth had been attacked and conquered by the Kyra.

He had survived and flourished as much as possible now as a human slave for the Kyra. They kept humans around to do their breeding since the Kyra were incapable of self-replicating and needed the humans to breed their warriors. The Kyra were also at war with the Chrona, a race of artificial life that were created by the Kyra. They had rebelled and now were at war with the Kyra. A Chrona fleet was rumored to be enroute to Earth to dislodge the Kyra and supposedly free humanity.

But, back to Captain Cross. He’s now a garbage truck driver taking waste materials from the walled city out to the wastelands. The wastelands are what’s left after the Kyra bombed most all of Earth and forced its remaining humans to live in walled-off cities for protection against the Dregs. The Dregs were those humans who became purposely infected, but for some reason didn’t change into a Chimera. Instead, they became insane, raving lunatics, almost like animals and eating anything and everything in sight. Of course, these things were abandon in the waste to die or not, but because of their presence, the waste was a very dangerous place.

While Captain Cross was just known as Clayton, was caught in the waste by a horde of Dregs only to be saved by the Resistance. These were a few humans who had decided to live in the wastelands and fight against the Kyra at every opportunity. Anyway, this is getting to be a long story.

In this book, you’ll find what kind of success the Resistance had against the Kyra and what’s to become of Earth. Will the Chrona arrive and become the new masters or will they actually be worse than the Kyra. Are all the Kyra enemies of humans or is there a possibility of making peace between the two. And finally, will Earth ever get back to be a place where anyone would want live?

There is another book in this series coming out in September of 2020.

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