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5 Small Stars

Whoa!  Feels like I’ve just read about thirty volumes of a grand mind-twisting book.  I cannot believe where this series has gone.  If you thought this was just a good-guys versus bad-guys  sci-fi book, then you haven’t read this episode.

It was bad enough that the humans all died or were captured in the battle for Dark Space, but then they all got resurrected on Avilon through their Life-links they didn’t even know they had.  All except Admiral Hoff.  Turns out he was an Avilonian from way back.  What seemed like a wonderful idea, to die in battle only to live again on Avilon in a new and better clone body was a lot to comprehend in the last book, but now we have to really figure out if that’s a good thing or not.

I would not want to discuss this book In a book club.  There would be so many different views on what Ominus is doing that people would probably be throwing things at each other!  Ethan has an attitude problem!  His Dad had an attitude problem. They both do not like authority nor do they like to be controlled by someone.  But, is Ominus really “controlling” everyone.  Is it wrong to have someone tell you when you might be making a mistake?  Is it wrong for something to let you make mistakes as long as they don’t hurt you or anyone else?  I’m glad I’m not answering any of those questions.

Ethan and his wife, Alara have to choose between remaining in Etheria or going to the Null Zone. Now, here is a difficult decision:  stay in Paradise or go to some place resembling Hell!  It’s a difficult decision if you’re someone that’s always been on their own and always believe you’ve been making your own decisions.  I don’t know why Ethan thinks he’s been doing such a great job of doing for himself because he really hasn’t.  I believe he sent some time in prison because of his past mistakes so why is he fighting the opportunity to take it easy in Paradise.  I guess some people just couldn’t face being bored all the time.

Now, Atton,  Ethan’s son has shown up and he also has to make a choice.  You need to read the book to see what he does.  It also impacts his girlfriend.

Ok, let’s get back to the Sythanian problem.  They now control Dark Space and have a lot of humans captured and turned into slaves.  As you know, Sythanians don’t fight in wars.  They let their slaves do it for them although there are a lot of Sythanians on the ships in Dark Space.  Omnius is going to send his Peacekeepers out to wipe out the Sythanians once and for all.  Or can he?  He believes the Sythanians don’t have the capability to see through his ships cloak, but is that true?

It’s interesting how authors can write an argument into their stories and then explain both sides to logical perfection!  I don’t know how they do it.   I guess my mind isn’t that open.  I know when something isn’t right, but that doesn’t mean it’s really bad, does it?

If my last statement confuses you, read this book.  You’ll find a lot more statements just like it.  I can’t wait for the final episode.


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