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I really didn’t want to read this book. Still, it was on my reading list so I plunged ahead and it turned out OK! This is a military sci-fi horror book, plane and simple! If you read the first book (which you should have), you should have known what was coming ie., spiders!

Yes, the aliens aboard the mysterious alien starship named Interloper, contained some very horrible looking spiders things that are very, very numerous. That alien ship had crashed in the ocean outside of Boston and now they were spreading through the world. There were also numerous pods that the alien ship launched all over the plane Earth. Now Dark Teams were desperately trying to locate and destroy the aliens that had came out of these pods. Unfortunately, the aliens, who stood nine feet tall, were hard to kill. Using conventional weapons, you had to hit the aliens directly in the eye or your bullets just bounce off!

The Dark Teams are kind of unexplained. They are some kind of operatives working for what is called the “Association”. This Association is lead by Dark Leader a.k.a. Allan Booth. His teams are usually prior military that are quite capable of doing what they do. Now they’ve taken on the task of exterminating the aliens, but the aliens definitely fight back. And the worst of it is the spiders! These things come out of the crashed starship by the thousands. They attach themselves to the necks of humans and take control of their mind and body. The “infected” humans become almost like zombies although they can function as normal while being directed by their alien parasite. Creepy.

Our former astronauts of David Bryce, Carter Robinson, and Lennon Baxter are still around. David and his family are attempting to find a secure place to hid, while Carter is going to a secret research site to see if he can communicate with a captured alien. Lennon is back with her Dark Team and they are attempting to stop the aliens from signaling someone off planet. It’s believed that a signal is being broadcast by a crashed alien ship and that signal needs to be enhanced so it can call in more ships that are even more dangerous than the original Interloper. The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is being rebuilt by the alien controlled humans and Lennon’s Dark Team must stop that activity.

Meanwhile Atlas Donovan, the young guy who was originally searching for the crashed alien ship, found himself paired with a Dark Operator and crashed somewhere in the Amazon jungle. They were supposedly close to the signal location and were to alert all the other Dark Teams when they found the source of the signal, provided the aliens didn’t find it first.

OK, so this book was exciting and all that, but I’m not a fan of spiders running around jumping on people and supposedly laying their eggs inside. At least the book didn’t get gross or I would probably stopped right there. Both Scott and Hystad are great story-tellers, but next time, leave out the alien spiders. There’s more books to this series, but I’m done, not reading any more.

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