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3 Small Stars

How do you stand out in a world of super humans? I guess one way is to be in charge of a team of scientist working on Venus to terraform the entire planet. Oh, yeah, you also have to have an IQ of over 200! Wow! That’s a pretty good start for anyone. But considering that evenyone you are working with now has an IQ of around 150, you’re probably just alittle smarter than the rest and by the way, they are set to get a boost in their IQ that will bring that up to yours or even above. Well, at least you can still fly!

That’s the kind of stuff you’ll read about in this second book of the series. Humans have decided to embrase our little tiny nanobots so much so that they have enhanced our bodies to make us all supermen. We can fly not only all over the planet Earth but we are dashing off to Mars, Venus and just about any where else we have a mind to. Every thing seems really utopian until something goes terribley wrong. You and your team are knocked unconscious while working on Venus. When you return to Earth to find out how something that should be impossible happend to you, you find a lot worse has happend on Earth. The fun is just beginning.

The story seemed to go pretty fast. I’m not so sure I’m sold on the idea of humans flashing around in the sky self-propelled but that’s how they do things in this book. Every thing seems to happen a little to fast. Once minute you’re in Seattle and the next you’re flashing over Vancover and then back to San Francisco. I think I’d get a little dizzy after a whille. Still, it’s pretty interesting.

There are editing errors but not enough to distract from the books story. It’s a good read and one that you’ll enjoy. I’m still not convienced the ending would happend they way it did. You’re left thinking, “will he really give it all up?”


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