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“The Glorious Becoming”


5 Small Stars
The Glorious Becoming

I keep giving these books high ratings although I’m getting a little ticked off at the author. He’s got this hero guy wallowing in the death of his fiancé while he’s now got a whole unit to worry about. He’s also becoming a full-fledged wimp, almost coming out of it during the latter part of the book. He’s taking way too much off a subordinate Scout who he should have shot about three times by now.

Yeah, the book does bring out the emotions in it’s readers. I’ve fallen for the writing in the same way I think you will, if you can stomach the love story gone sour, or Romeo and Juliet and the aliens, themes running throughout the book. While the writing is very good, the story is really unbelievably complicated. You’ve got Scott Remington running off on a “secret” mission that everyone knows about and he’s dragged four of his Unit 14 people with hime, three of which are the absolute worst people he could ever take on a mission of any kind. And then, when he’s got his hands full of love sick Scout, he finds his new, temporary superior officers, is a female Captain! Scott Remington can’t handle dead females much less a live one equal or even higher in rank. You just know nothing good is going to come of this mission.

Then, towards the last of the book, things start getting interesting. Everything we’ve known and read about up to this point goes away! How the heck the author is going to get this mess straightened out is beyond me. No wonder it’s taken so long to get the 5th book written and published. What was promised to be out in 2015 didn’t happen and there’s no word on when Epic 5 will be published. Oh, and couldn’t somebody come up with a better series title than just, “Epic”? Very, very lame. Good thing the writer is good or this would have been a very, very bad review.

Start at the beginning with Epic #1, “Dawn of Destiny” and read the entire series. If you don’t, forget about understanding anything about what’s going on. And you apparently have plenty of time to read the first four books since book 5 is still a ways off, or so it seems.

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