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“Edge of the Rings”


5 Small Stars
Edge of the Rings

We’re back with MAVREK Enterprises headed by Doctor Mark Warren. As you know, Mark isn’t a typical doctor nor is MAVREK Enterprises a typical company. His partners include Axel, Kamryn, Ohashi, Petra and sometimes Doctor Eva Jackson. The first two are former TMD soldiers of the best kind, Armor. Both can take care of themselves and anyone around them with ease. Even Mark was a former TMD Captain, but after the last lab he worked at got bombed by a psychopath, the decided he would rather work for himself and his friends. Oashi and Petra are to cyber-warriors of unquestionable talent. They are geniuses or very near geniuses when it comes to programming or coding. They can and have broken into some highly secure networks to get information required for the mission MAVREK happens to be involved in. Doctor Jackson is an expert in terraforming. She is in high demand for speaking engagements which keeps her out of most MAVREK missions.

This next mission looks like it will keep Mark out of it also. Just before celebrating the Christmas holidays, the MAVREK team are looking forward to some downtime. This is just after rescuing a group of clones and capturing one Wade Fulton who ran the warehouse which was housing clones meant for Ganymede. They found out from Fulton that three other spaceships have already departed for Ganymede, each loaded with more clones and deadly nuclear and biological weapons packages. Fulton informed them it was the intent of his partners to setup a manufacturing operation on Ganymede to make additional clones for slave labor and androids for an army. With a stockpile of nuclear weapons, the Confederation nor Mars could stop them from becoming the largest space power in the Solar System.

Of course Mark and his team were having none of this, so they agreed that after the Christmas break, they would start looking into this operation on Ganymede. Except, that wasn’t General Dimitrios plan. He sent a Major and two of his TMD soldiers to Mark’s parents home with a draft notice. Mark was being recalled to active duty! And to top things off, none of the rest of his team were going with him.

So, off Mark goes to TMD HQ to find out that he’s once again in a lab working on his scientific speciality of cybernetics. It seems the TMD had manage to gain access to some very advanced cyborgs/androids and were going to study the heck out of them for reverse engineering purposes. Today, the Confederation could not build anything quite like these two specimens. Even Mark found some of the details to these cyborgs very, very advanced. He also thought they should be in some kind of containment field incase they were booby-trapped.

Well, they were. So Captain Mark Warren once again goes through the experience of having his scientific lab blown to smithereens with him escaping while helping two other scientist; one dies later, but the other recovers. Mark also recovers and then begins his journey finding the three ships sailing for Ganymede.

Strangly, most of this book is about his MAVREK team working without him until the very end. Mark is eventually sent to prison (as a ploy) and eventually rescued by his MAVREK team as hired guns. It’s an exciting story all the way through.

Another strange thing I noticed is that this series was originally called “The Edge Trilogy”, but now it’s just “The Edge”. There is certainly indications that we’re not done with Mark Warren or his MAVREK Enterprise team!

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