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“The Farthest City”


4 Small Stars
The Farthest City

This is real science fiction. I mean real weird science fiction! A little too weird for me even. I don’t have a problem with Androids, or even Cyborgs in a story, but what the heck are Chines? I think they are fully sentient Androids, but they do not always conform to the humanoid shape. And, they have left Earth apparently forever just when we need their help the most.

Yeah, we humans created the Chines and got them doing our stuff for us, but as humans we couldn’t leave well enough alone. We just about wiped our species off the face of the Earth during our Third World War. Then First, the first really sentient Chine, brought humans back from the almost dead. He and his kind did what they could to bring back human civilization, and then they left.

Now the Hexi are here and they do not care for humankind or Earth. We are being systematically exterminated. Our only hope is to find the Chines and see if they will help us fight the Hexi. So we get to follow four, then three humans, who go looking for the Chines. Things start happening about then; strange things.

In the meantime, Earth has launched three deep space expeditions to also find the Chines. These expeditions are composed of scientist and space marines. This part sounds promising until the space marine we’re following, comes up pregnant! I lost interest about then!

Ok, so if you want to know more, you need to read the story. It’s well written by not my kind of story. I don’t know if there will be a sequel, but I wouldn’t be reading it anyway.

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