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“Indigo Squad”


4 Small Stars
Indigo Squad

This is still a strange book.  Now graduates, although much too early, Arun McEwan is now on his first starship going to his first real mission.  He is now a Marine and normally would spend this entire trip of about 36 years in cryo sleep. Yes, he and his fellow Marines are frozen solid barely alive but still living with whatever is going on in their minds.

But, by now you know that nothing is really normal for Arun McEwan.  There happens to be a ships crew woman (Indiya) who wonders why Arun and most of his Indigo Squad are being fed something other than the normal nutrients while in cryo-sleep.  She believes they are being fed some kind of drug which dulls their minds, although Arun seems to be unaffected.

She talks to her Uncle who is also a ships crewman, but he winds up getting killed after he starts looking into what his nice told him.  That really starts Indiya to thinking that something is going on and she needs to find out what.  So, she decides to wake Arun which she does.  Then the entire Indigo Squad is revived because something is happening on their sister ship that they may have to do a boarding action.

Meanwhile, Arun is now awake and finds that most of the Indigo Squad have been dumbed down considerably.  The don’t know what to do and even the NCOs don’t take charge as they usually do.  Arun and Indiya believe someone wants these Marines unable to perform so they can instigate a rebellion without a lot of opposition.

Arun needs to get someone higher up in the Marine organization to understand the situation and bring some help.  So, he figures his only hope would be to tell his twin brother, Fraser McEwan.  Unfortunately, that’s the last person he should confide in.  Everything starts to come apart after that.

You’ll find the story moving further along but we still don’t know how we get a Human Legion until the very last part of this book or do we?  Is Arun McEwan the guy who really is supposed to lead Humanity to it’s freedom?

This series is getting better but some times it just crawls and is real strange.  There’s a lot of detail in how things are done on a ship and that kind of makes things a little slow but you certainly know the environment you’re reading about.  I look forward to the rest of the books in this series.


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