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“Lords of War”


5 Small Stars
Lords of War

Spartan never quits. The Alliance won’t let him and neither will the bad guys! He’s always got to be in on the action or he gets real bored real quick. Although, after the last war with the Biomechs, Spartan is recovering from the loss of his Wife and Son. Surprising that that happened, but that’s war and Spartan could do nothing about it.

He’s now being contacted by his old friend, Gen. Daniels and Colonel Black from Alliance Intel. They are wondering what Spartan and the CTC corporation are doing on the other side of the Black rift. It just so happens that Spartan is in the process of developing a new fighting tactic involving an Interstellar Assault Brigade. General Daniels just happens to mention to Spartan that there is a growing disturbance of the peace between the Byotai and the Anicinàbe. Apparently, the Byotai were happily occupying a planet which now the Anicinàbe want. The Anicinàbe are out to exterminate the otherwise peaceful Byotai. General Daniels goes on to tell Spartan that the Alliance can’t really do much about this squabble since they have to maintain the peace over a much vaster Alliance since the war was won.

Spartan wants no part of this fight. He knows what Gen. Daniels is trying to do and although they are friends from way back, Spartan has no desire to fight right now. His friend, Kan, a BioMech turned good guy, can’t wait for his next battle. That’s what he was made for and he can’t stand just waiting around. Same goes for Olik, the other BioMech who I believe works with Gen. Daniels and the Intel Colonel, Colonel Black.

So, Gen. Daniels goes off to help the Byotai defend themselves. He’s bringing in weapons they desperately need to fight back against the Anicinàbe. And of course, he gets captured. He’s not there representing the Alliance so they are not going to come rescue him. And, even worse, he has brought along and has been captured with, Gun, the BioMech Leader and Spartan’s best friend. So, who do you think is going to have to rescue these two?

Right, Colonel Black immediately goes back to Spartan in the Black Rift and tells him what has happened. Time to kick some booty!

This is another fighting mad story. There’s both the Naval battles and the ground fighting. Both types of fighting get very confusing. I would like to see this kind of story in a movie so I could better understand what’s happening. At times it sounds like Spartan, Gun, Khan and Olik all get shot so many times I don’t know how they are even standing. Of course they all usually wear some type of fantastic armor, which helps, but still it’s got to hurt.

The writing gets fast and furious at the end. We meet some new characters that may be in the next book of the series, but I don’t think this series will ever end. Yes, Spartan is getting older, but he’s doesn’t seem to be slowing down much.

A great read if you like Science Fiction battles, lots of blood and violent descriptions. Sounds like fun!

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