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“The Black Rift”


5 Small Stars
The Black Rift

We’re back with Spartan, I think!  Sometimes these books can get quite confusing.  I know Spartan and a bunch of Biomechs that are now friendly to the Confederation attached a Rift engine in the “Black Rift” in the last story so this one starts out with the results of that attack.  Apparently, it didn’t quite happen the way it should have.  Spartan was captured and again is in the grips of the Biomechs although they believe he has been brain washed to act on their behalf.

He has to go through a series of trial battles to prove that he is the greatest Earth warrior the Biomechs think he is but then he is given Command of all the Biomech troops for the final battle with the Humans and their alliance.  You really don’t know if Spartan is on their side or not.  You do know that he killed one of the Old Biomechs that he was supposed to be friends with just to prove his loyalty to the new Biomechs.  But still, you think there might just be a chance that he is still on the sides of the Humans.  It is confusing.

The Humans and others of the Confederation have been fighting the Biomechs all over several different planets.  They have barely been able to hold off the Biomechs but they appear to now be winning.  Then Spartan and his new Biomechs shows up.  It appears that everything they have been fighting for is now doomed.  Unfortunately, several key players in these books have even been killed in some of the terrible fighting.

The book does finally clear things up and does end the series quite well.  Spartan is Spartan and he does become the hero of Humanity but it costs him a great deal.  These books have been very good although somewhat confusing as to who was fighting who.  Still I enjoyed reading them and I’m sure you will to.

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