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“Battle Earth V”


3 Small Stars
Battle Earth V

Just finished reading this and I’m kind of torn. It seemed that I was reading a book in fastforward for the first few chapters up until they got to the gateway. Then things slowed down somewhat but I find it hard to believe that you could travel out to deep space and back as fast as tbe author had our main characters. I mean they just got to the gateway and boom, they are sent back. They say a few words in at a meeting and boom, back they go to deep space. No hint of months or weeks of space travel or the vast distances they were actually traveling. A little too contrived for me.

Now about MAJOR Taylor. Actually I should just call him Maj. Insubordination. You could not, would not get away with the stuff he pulled in any Army and especially not in the US Marine Corps! Does the term, “Dead Meat” mean anything? That’s what he would have been 90% of the time he said anything. It might read good, but doesn’t happen in real stuff. Most guys that try to act like this get more people killed than they think. Problem is, they aren’t thinking, just mouthing off! And talking to an Admiral on his own bridge the way he did…you got to be kidding, real science fiction for sure!

This book also suffered greatly from a lack of editing. I’m not great at grammer or spelling, but I surely could have prevented most of these errors! That really distracts from the reading. I like putting out books rapidly for your fans, but try to get it proof-read by someone before dropping it to Amazon.

Keep writing because that’s how you get better, but, please do some better writing!

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