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800 Book Reviews!

Well, I just posted my 804th review. That’s a pretty big number for one guy, I think. I don’t know how many other web sites have a single reader who reads and reviews everyone of the books posted on his site, so I could be unique, but probably not.  I’ve also enjoy most off of these books. There are a few, very few, that I haven’t enjoyed and you’ll still find them on this site, but the ratings will be very low although I’ve yet to rate any book a zero, yet anyway!

I’m still reading and have been heavily into the Galaxy’s Edge series. I don’t really know how many books are in this series and within the Galaxy’s Edge sphere, there are several series that I know of. I think I’m getting through most of them and things seem to be coming to a head in this latest book so the whole series might be over in a few more books. Don’t know for sure.

Other than that, I’ve been listing a bunch of old computer stuff I need to sell on eBay. Nothing special about all of it although some of the items are very Apple vintage and could be worth something who collects things like this. I’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I need to once again, get some posts up on my Facebook page. I don’t know why I let that slide. If I did each book as I post them here, I’d be all caught up, but I’m certainly not so I need to get busy.