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“Hard Drop”


3 Small Stars
Hard Drop

This was a good story as far as story lines go.  It was interesting and very exciting with a lot of action. Of course I could have written that about any military mission into hostile territory.  These type missions are inherently dangerous but usually there’s very little science fiction involved.  This book takes a special ops type mission and adds some advanced weapons including the mission objective but it doesn’t really introduce any new ideas or concepts.  And the title doesn’t say much about the real story.

Given that, if you like military fiction, you’ll like this book. It is hard to put down because the action is fast-paced and you do get some insight into what a leader has to go through when his troops are dying. I’m not convinced you can just keep stuffing your pockets with dog tags with out some thought as to why you keep going in harms way.  Additionally, wounded soldiers don’t want to really die, not for you nor for me. They don’t just shoot themselves to avoid being captured or killed; that’s only in books and the movies.  If they did, we’d have a lot fewer POWs. Still, it makes for an interesting read.

So, yes this is a good book to sit down and read, but, there’s always a but with Kindle books!  The editing is pretty bad. Seems like no one actually reads these books before they go to print.  If have read many of these reasonably priced Kindle books, then you’ll be used to these kind of errors.  If not, remember what you paid for the book and just keep reading!


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