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“Battleship Indomitable”


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Battleship Indomitable

Commodore Derek Straker continues on his quest to free all of humanity starting with the liberation of those oppressed by the Mutuality. His current target is the orbital fortress above Sachen-3. This system was home to a number of his Straker Breakers so it was logical to start his liberation efforts with this system, possibly gain additional support and a place to operate from.

While they liberate the Sachen system and gain a number of supporting personnel and ships, they still need more help. According to Zaxby, the Liberation is due to fail only because of the large number of systems that must be liberated. They need something to change the balance of things, something that will give an advantage to the Liberation movement.

After going through captured Mutuality documents from the orbital fortress, they discover schematics for what appears to be a huge, no humungous starship. They don’t have any information on whether the Mutuality actually built this ship or where it would be located after having been built in the Baikonur system. So, Starker’s fleet proceeds to Baikonur to see if they can find any more information on this incredible ship. If it had been operational and up to its full potential, the war between the Hundred Worlds and the Mutuality would have been over. Nothing could have stood up to this ship and that’s why the Liberation needs it.

In the meantime, Vuxana, the youngest Premier of the Ruxins is giving Derek support only as long as it benefits her and she plans to stay close to Strakers action in order to make sure he fulfills his promise to liberate the Ruxin home system. Straker doesn’t know if she’s a help or a hindrance. He’s also not sure he trusts her unlike the previous oldest premier, this one is ambitions yet very inexperienced.

So, if they can find the “Indomitable” and if it’s any kind of shape to fight, then they just might win this Liberation effort. That’s a lot of if’s. They do find the “Indomitable”, but the shape it’s in doesn’t hold much hope. Apparently, the Mutuality, with all of its resources, couldn’t get this huge ship to work right, so they turned it into a weapons testing platform and stuck it out of the way. Starker and his followers must find a way to bring this ship back to life and get it into the fight. Good luck with that!

Book three is already available on Amazon. It’s titled “Flagship Victory”.

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