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5 Small Stars

Last time we read this series, Queen Avania and General Atalis had done something real stupid. They had trusted a former “friend” of General Atalis to set up a meeting between them and the Border Dukes. Of course, this “friend”, Osten (can’t tell if this is a first or last name) is no friend and is out to sell or trade the Queen and the General to the Empire for whatever he can get out of them, which he assumes will be a great deal. He has taken both his prisoners back to Lantha Station (Border Dukes stronghold) and has them in separate cells awaiting contract from the Empire.

Now enter Prin Gartina and her crew. She knows that another Empire intelligents agent has been sent to Lantha Station for some reason. She’s about to confront that individual and find out just who he’s meeting and why. She believes she knows that he’s to meet with Osten and obtain the two prisoners. Prin believes that if she can rescue Queen Avania and General Atalis, that would put her in good with the Resistance. She already knows that her boss, Glonith Sae is expecting her to return to the capital where he has been ordered to execute her and her crew. Prin believes her only recourse now is to side with the Resistance if they will accept her.

In the meantime, Captain Warren Miller of the Leviathan has become aware of Queen Avania and General Atalis’ situation and is hell-bent on getting them rescued. If either one of them and certainly if both were returned to the Empire or killed, the Resistance would be over and Earth’s potential protection would be gone. So he also finds out where Osten took his prisoners and he’s sent Kez with his smaller supply shuttle to Lantha Station with a detachment of Marines to secure the two principles and get the Resistance back to working.

Well, the rescue is successful for both teams, but both ships, Prin’s and the Leviathan have been tracked down by Osten cronies and they have two large destroyers ready to do what it takes to get Osten and the former prisoners back. This almost costs the destruction of the Leviathan especially when several Empire ships also so up.

Something has to come to the rescue of the Leviathan and quickly before it is completely destroyed. I wonder who can come to their aid. Read the book to find out if any one does!

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