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5 Small Stars

The Gnosis, Earth’s one and only starship, has been sent out on another mission. They are to find additional artifacts or at least make sure that the Tol’An or the Kalrawv Group doesn’t manage to get them. Then, while cruising by a seemingly peaceful planet, the Gnosis is captured by a powerful tractor beam and is pulled down to the planet’s surface. They barely managed to land the Gnosis safely, but there was considerable damage that would have to be repaired. Their power had gone out including scanning ability and weapons.

The crew is working frantically to get numerous systems up and running, but they do notice a steady power drain on everything in the ship. The engineers quickly identify all the critical systems and attempt to put some kind of shielding around those systems to slow the power drain.

They finally get scanner up and Captain Desmond Bradford is notified that there are other ships down around them; most of those have crashed badly. There is one Tol’An ship and what appears to be some kind of pirate ship. Neither ship seems to have power, but they do contain crews who appear to be massing for an attack against the Gnosis.

At the same time, Special Agent Alexander identifies a potential source of the power drain and the tract beam which is still holding the Gnosis on the planet. Captain Bradford assembles a team, including his Executive Officer, Agent Alexander and two Marine NCOs, to go and enter the suspected building and deactivate whatever is causing their problems. This doesn’t turn out to be an easy task.

While that team is gone, the rest of the Marines and the crew are fighting battles against two enemies, the pirates and the Tol’An. They’re both making strong attacks in different directions, but the Gnosis engineers manage to get a few of their weapons on-line and that deters the attacks for awhile. With the power drain, those weapons won’t be on-line for long.

So the Gnosis is in trouble again. Can’t seem to stay out of trouble. If they were smart, the Earth ship wouldn’t go anywhere without a Pahxin starship as cover. Pahxin starships are much more advanced and powerful than anything Earth has built, but Pahxin starships are now needed to help defend Earth.

This is a pretty interesting read since it involves on one circumstance. There’s not much of anything going on except the fighting around the Gnosis and the team trying to find the source of the power drain and the tractor beam. I think you’ll enjoy the book as I did.

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