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5 Small Stars

This isn’t a long book by any means. It follows most of the books in this series by writing about one mission and one mission only. There are several different stories going on all over the place waiting for everything to converge. That’s not a bad thing, in fact, it helps in concentrating on what is actually happening to all the main characters since they are all on the same mission.

As you previously read, the Earth and Pahxins have managed to secure two Orbs and have taken them into hyperspace to see if they can link to them and find out more of their secrets. That works and three members of the Gnosis were found to have the ability to link with the Orbs. They even found out where the other two Orbs reside and this mission is to find one more.

It seems that this next Orb is located on a very distant planet that has become a mining operation for the Kalrawv Group, a corporation which appears very benevolent on the outside, but is very corrupt and greedy on the inside. They do not adhere to Pahxin law, even though they are a Pahxin corporation. Their current mining operations on this distant planet is illegal since they did not apply for the proper mining permits. None of this is very surprising. The Pahxin maintain, a mercenary army, which can put up a fight, but they are no match for the Tol’An, the Humans or Pahxin military.

Some how the Tol’An have gotten word of the Orbs location on this mining planet. They have dispatched a ruthless agent to find the Orb and secure it for follow-on Tol’An military units. He will let know one stand in his way on this mission since failure would be followed by his instant death.

So, what appeared to be an easy snatch and grab from the Kalrawv Group now might involve the Tol’An. They are certainly more formidable than the Kalrawv Group, but both the Pahxin ship Stalwart and the Earth ship Gnosis were dispatched to reclaim this fourth third Orb. While this is a good pairing, neither know about the Tol’An’s knowledge of the Orb location or that they will be sending forces to secure it also.

This turns into a very interesting setting around what once was a desolate, distant planet formerly holding nothing much of interest. How things have changed.

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