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“Shifting Power”


5 Small Stars

The USS Morrigan needs to get some repairs badly. They can’t even move on to their next destination without doing some so it might be awhile before they can be somewhere secure. Then they get new orders. They’re to report back to Confederation HQ on Earth under the orders of the new Marshal Jerson Whitaker! Captain Noah Markel doesn’t know what happened to the former Marshall Alex Northam, who was also his friend. To say he’s kind of skeptical about this new appointment is putting things mildly. He knows that Whitaker is involved in some shady deal with the warefaring side of the Gold Empire, but he doesn’t have enough evidence to come public. Now that Whitaker has taken over the Confed military, Noah isn’t sure what to do. Disobeying an order could certainly end his career. He needs to find out what happened to Rita Peck and Lisa Erris.

Those two should have all the information he needs to stop now Marshal Whitaker from his ultimate goal of taking over the entire galaxy. They have been investigating a lot of the activities going on and most of them are things instigated by Whitaker. He’s using he ervas as a distraction while working with part of the Gold Empire to give the Confed military something to keep them occupied. All the while, he’s consolidating his power and eventually will replace even the governments of both Confed and the Gold Empire. Yes, he’s ambitious and seems to be doing quite well.

So, what’s Captain Markel to do? Well, he first needs to get to Gallik, his refuge and staging planet while operating in the outer frontier. No one knows about this place except for his people or so he thought. It appears though that one Tobin Lock also knew of this place as a good hideout for his criminal activities and now he’s giving the people on the planet some problems. Major Oliver Peck has gone to Gallik to await the arrival of the Morrigan, but in the meantime he finds he has to rescue some of his men down on the planet.

And, if all this isn’t enough. Rita and Lisa have been captured by Marshal Whitaker and are aboard his command ship over Earth. What he’s going to do with them is going to be very, very surprising. Before this book ends, you’ll find Rita working for Whitaker and even Captain Markel working for the Gold Empire!

The story definitely continues in Book 9, “Desparate Times”.

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