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“Caspian’s Fortune”


5 Small Stars
Caspian's Fortune

Once again, I have the fortunate experience to star a brand new series with a brand new author. I believe this “Infinity’s Edge” sereies is going to be a good one. It is something of a military science fiction story, although the main character is not actually in the military at the start. No, he’s kind of a hired cargo hauler, hauling stuff that maybe he shouldn’t, but he’s not one to question what his current boss wants hauled.

Caspian Robeaux, a unique name for a very main character, is not having a good day. He’s just completed a job of transporting a very important person from one location to another and is expecting payment. Only his payment is sent to his “partner” who is actually another cargo hauler who like to drink and gamble to excess. Maddox, the guy trying to swindle Capian (Cas for short), is back on Devil’s Gate. So that’s where Cas and his ship are heading to as fast as they can. Oh, Cas has a sidekick, a former cargo bot named “Box”. Now Box is unique also. He’s some how become programmed far in advance of his normal programming. He acts almost like a human and he and Cas are always arguing about something. Box can be very funny at times. Cas usually isn’t funny at all.

Once back on Devil’s Gate, it doesn’t take them long to find Maddox. He’s in a casino and drunk as a skunk so it’s pretty easy for Cas to drag him to an alley and start beating the crap out of him. He finally tells Cas to stop and he can have all the money he has including his latest winning streak. Cas agrees, but is highly disappointed when he founds out that Maddox only had about a third of what he owed Cas.

So, Cas is now wondering how he’s going to get his ship repaired so he can take on another job for his boss, Veena. She owns him since he’s heavily in debt from previous loans he’s gotten to keep his ship, Reasonable Excuse working. He just can’t go back to Veena and ask for another loan. That would make him a very, very old man by the time he got all his debt paid. Besides, she might decide to make him do something else and that would be the end of his spacefaring. Not going to happy if Cas can prevent it.

Then while drowning his sorrows at a local watering hole, he’s approached by what appears to be a female mercenary. That’s pretty unusual and what’s more unusual is that she wants to hire Cas and his ship for a job. Cas isn’t sure he wants to get involved with mercenaries and he’s really not sure that Veena would approve of his freelancing. So, he refuses.

Well, he does refuse the mercenary who goes by the name of Evelyn or Evie for short. His only alternative is to go beg Veena for another loan which he absolutly hates to do, but that’s his only recourse. When he does she Veena, he’s shocked that she has sold his contract to someone. She’s no longer interested in his problems and introduces him to his new boss. It turns out the lady mercenary had bought his contract and is paying Veena and additional sum to get the Reasonable Excuse in to good working shape.

Then, if that weren’t the worst of it, the lady mercenary turns out to be someone other than what she is and it terrifies Cas. She’s actually an agent of the Coalition military, a Lieutenant Commander to be exact and she’s been ordered to bring Cas back to Coalition HQ. Cas isn’t going back there because he knows to return would be either his execution or a very long prison sentence. I wonder why?

Pretty good writing. A great story line with just the right amount of humor where it’s warranted. I think I’m going to like this series very much. That’s good because there are already three more books published on Amazon right now.

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