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“Darkest Reach”


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Darkest Reach

Once in awhile, I’ll start reading a series and become so captivated by it, that I can’t seem to stop reading the books in the series. Now, it certainly helps that all the books have been written and published on Amazon. And that is the case with the Infinity’s End series. There are currently five books published in this series and I might just read all five of the straight in a row. They’re that good.

******* Spoiler Alert ********

Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know about Caspian Robeaux’s decision to rejoin the Coalition and regain his rank.

******** Spoiler Alert ********

The Tempest has been assigned a new mission. They are to be the scout ship for the Coalition trying to find out what this new enemy is like and if it will be possible to defeat them. They are heading way, way beyond Coalition space in hopes of meeting the Andromeda threat and give the Coalition enough time to prepare for it. Along with the Tempest will be Zenfor, the Sil Consul, who has agreed to provide the Coalition with potential ways to upgrade their weapons and ship systems. She has steadfastly refused to be teamed up with anyone other than Caspian Robeaux. While she is not the most forthright individual Cas has known, she is getting better to get along with and he does need to work with her.

That’s not what’s happening with Evie or Commander Diazal. Caspian has decided to accept his commission back and return to the Coalition military! Not surprising since he was having so much trouble with the Tempest’s crew. He hated having to go to Evie or Captain Greene just to get anything done. He hoped that by becoming a Coalition officer again, a Lieutenant Commander, that some of his problems with the crew would go away. At least he thought they wouldn’t try to kill him or Box as they did in the last book. Now, it seems Evie has some kind of problem with this renewed Lieutenant Commander. While Cas thought it would be just fine if he reported to Evie, it’s not going so well. She has, for some reason, strongly resented his presence in the Coalition uniform. He can’t understand why and, frankly, neither can I. I don’t know what set her off, but it’s definitely not working between Evie and Cas. This mission has become extremely difficult for both due to their strained relations.

Then the Tempest has to respond to a Coalition distress call. It appears to come from a region of space where a known Coalition ship had disappeared some twenty-seven years ago. After further checking, it was also found that another Coalition ship had also disappeared in this region of space some fifty-four years prior. As the Tempest approaches the region, the don’t notice anything strange until they do detect a region of space where no stars seem to be showing. Unfortunatly, by the time they get that far, they find themselves stuck in a gravity well. This seems to be what caused those other ships to go missing although they have detected a strange alien at the center of black space with no stars.

Still, the cannot remain where they are. Yet, they are stuck solid and cannot break away. Everything begins to revolve around some way to break free of this gravity trap and get on with their original mission. It might just require the Tempest to violate one of the major tenets of the Coalition and apply the ultimate solution to this problem. But, will Captain Greene allow such a thing or is another time when Cas has to go rogue in order to get what he feels is the right thing done?

Very exciting book and since I’m running out of things to read, I’m just going on to book four.

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