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5 Small Stars

Well, we’re in for another fantastic space war series. This one is for all the old guys; those of us who have been put out to pasture and thought too old to fight! The ISS Constitution is believed to be on its last legs. It was part of a heroic fleet that took on and defeated the SWARM some 75 years prior. Now, the powers-that-be want to decommission this magnificent ship and turn it into a museum!

Captain Tim Granger is just like his ship, old, but ready to fight if that’s what it takes. Right now he’s fighting a losing battle to keep his ship, the ISS Constitution from being shut down. He doesn’t believe that the more modern ships that have been built during the last 75 years are anywhere near as capable as his Constitution. He believes the “smart-steel” that the new ships were being wrapped in was about the dumbest idea to come along in the last 70 years! The Constitution, on the other hand, had a ten-meter-thick tungsten plating that could take a beating and still survive a good long fight. But, his orders were to take the Constitution to Lunar Base and conduct a decommissioning ceremony.

Of course you know that’s not going to happen. It would have been a short book if that was all it was about. Something suddenly happens that hadn’t happened in 75 years. Captain Granger was right; you have to show you are ready to fight for peace or you’ll get war. Their old enemy has just shown up and he’s tearing through the Fleet like tissue paper. And, this new SWARM is headed right for Earth. Guess who gets to intercept them and make a last stand? Now, if only Captain Tim Granger can live long enough to finish this fight!

I really like the authors writing. He gets right into the story slowly building characters and making them take an active part in what they are doing. There’s not a lot of background on each character, but you quickly get to know what they are about. There’s some internal conflict in the story as well as a troubling issue with the main character, Capt. Granger. And then, the author beautifully sets us up for the next book in the series. There’s going to be some interesting things happening, that’s for sure!

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