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“Midst Toil and Tribulation”


5 Small Stars
Midst Toil and Tribulation

I delayed reading this next book in the Safehold series because I didn’t want to be where I am now, anxiously awaiting the next book!

With out a single doubt, this is the best Science-Fiction that I have ever read. I have read all the Harry Potter books but I consider them to be Science-Fantasy, and yes, they were very, very good also. But, this Safehold series has so much detail. I honestly don’t know how the author comes up with all these people. I think he has a name for every Private in the Charis Army and at least mentions what they are doing in every battle. I do not know how he keeps up with everything that is going on. Talk about in-depth character development; the author writes clearly about the thoughts not only of Merlin Athrawes, the main character, but about the thoughts of just about everybody to include Prince Nahrmahn Baytz who is quite dead!

This story is very exciting even though it covers a lot of political and religious conflict. I don’t think any reader will have trouble figuring out which side you’re on but it’s pretty interesting to read about two great Armies that think that God is on their side! And, they both believe this with a passion. I really, really want the Group of Four to get their just dues and I hope Merlin gets to do it himself.

If you’ve come this far in the book, you should be very familiar with the story. You should also know what has transpired up to now and where we’re at. The war with the Army of God is just now starting and unfortunately, the Charis Empire is not ready! While Merlin has provided a significant increase to the technology of the Charisian Army, it hasn’t gotten them any closer to the mainland battle area. The Army of God has over a million men ready to invade and conquer, no, completely destroy, the Kingdom of Siddarmark, and there’s little time for someone to come to the Kingdom’s aide. Still, Charis started this war and Emperor Cayleb Ahrmahk isn’t about to let another Kingdom get destroyed by the Group of Four.

This is great reading, but please go to the very first book in the series and start there. You’ll love what you’re reading and you’ll have six of these great books to read.

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