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5 Small Stars

I don’t know, but it seemed like I had read some parts of this book before. I guess I might have read an excerpt at the end of another of his books, because right in the middle of this one, I knew what was going to happen. Not all the way to the end, but just enough to know that something was going to happen about midway through the book to make things change. Still, this book was very good although the aliens appear to be kind of dumb.

For the last eighty years, Earth has known we were not alone in the universe. Of course the worlds government didn’t tell anyone. It was a deep, dark secret kept from the public for all those years. Yeah, right, if that could ever happen. With our nosy news reports, nothing can stay a secret very long especially the kinds of things that this Earth kept hidden.

You see, the Roswell, NM incident really did happen like everyone thought. It was an alien spacecraft that crashed and there were aliens aboard, two of which survived! One even survived for twenty-six years telling our scientist everything he could about his worlds technology. While he was doing that, we tried to reverse-engineer everything on his ship. But, back in 1940s and 50s, we just didn’t have the science to understand much of this alien tech. Over time we did manage to get some thing figured out. One thing we did know was that this alien spacecraft had come from a civilization that was under attack and about to be wiped out. This was a scout ship making a mad dash to our planet knowing they could never go back home, but they did warn us of what was coming.

So, for eighty years the governments and military of Earth have been doing huge things in secret. But, time has run out. A fleet of Trellixian starships had just appeared in the Solar System headed for Earth. We knew they weren’t going to be friendly although they initially tired to convince us they were. All they were doing was scanning the Earth to determine our strengths and weaknesses. The Trellixians needed our planet for their vast colonization efforts. They have destroyed many other planets and civilizations just to get rid of the target planet inhabitants so they could colonize it with Trellixians. They were not here to be friends, but to exterminate the human race.

Our planet gave the Trellixians a surprise. They had never came across a single planet with so many nuclear weapons or with such vast armies. Every nation on this planet was armed to the teeth; even its civilians were armed. That didn’t bother the Trellixians much. They knew our weapons were far inferior to theirs and the conquest of Earth wouldn’t take very long, or so they thought.

It turns out that Earth really needed about two more years to have been able to fight of the Trellixians without much loss of human life. Now, they had about two to three weeks to get some new advance weapons manufactured and out to the front-line troops. It was going to be close. Millions of humans were going to die, but there were plans to save millions more. It would have been very comforting to know that the Earth had safe-havens for civilians, but due to secrecy, none of them knew about them or where to initially go. But those that fled to the mountains were fortunate because that’s where all our preparations had been made.

Humanity would not be so easy to defeat as the Trellixians first thought. And, this war is far from over. i’m anxious to read the next book coming in March 2018.

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