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“The Battle for Earth”


The Battle for Earth

I’m glad to see this series continue. It’s a very interesting story-line with the humans of the Solar System seeming to be the heroes for a change. The Human Empire which once resided next to the Confederation, was destroyed by that same Confederation and for a long time, the Human Empire only existed as an underground operation. But, with the discovery of the Solar System, the Human Empire came back and now has their capital on Golan Four.

The previous Human Empire’s royal family was brought out of stasis so that High Princess Layla Starguard and her cousin, Princess Krista Starguard could oversee the capture and re-establishment of their capital world, Golan Four. They and the humans on Golan Four are busy putting the royal palace back together while their military are busy building new ships and getting the once hidden resistance forces integrated into the new Human Empire military force. They have enough starships to prevent meaningful incursions by the Confederates although a lot of the planets and systems on the edges of the Human Empire were still exposed to attacks by the Confederation fleets.

The new Human Empire had learned some disturbing information about the Lamothians. They had a nasty habit of capturing and eating humans! That practice had been tolerated by the other Confederation aliens since there wasn’t anyone powerful enough to object to that practice. Now they have managed to capture one Cheryl Bannon who just happened to be the girlfriend of Admiral Dylan, Fleet Admiral of the Human Empire! Needless to say, he was not going to allow the Lamothians to eat his girlfriend even if she managed to get herself in this situation by her own stupidity. The Lamothians had been warned about their disgusting habit of eating humans and now they were going to find out how dangerous that practice was going to be.

Meanwhile, since the Confederation couldn’t completely wipe-out the Human Empire, they have decided to go after Earth and the Solar System. They are placing a Morag Admiral in charge of a huge armada that will far out number any fleet in the entire solar system. They intend to destroy everything in that system including making Mars, the Moon, and Earth uninhabitable for humans. Fortunately, the Earth humans learn of this pending attack and start getting their defenses ready. Will they have enough to say anything in the Solar System. Time will tell. It’s also some what dependent on the competency of this Morag Admiral. Previous attacks by the Confederation have not done that much harm, but the size of this one is going to be a very, very big problem.

So, with the Earth humans on the defense and the Human Empire just getting back on it’s feet, it seems the humans are just hanging on. Yet, they still have some fight in them and they don’t take lightly to the Confederation feasting or humans or the constant attacks by Confederation fleets. The Confederation needs to learn that the humans are here to stay and they will defend themselves. The Confederation needs to worry about what will happen when the entire Human Empire can come back on the offensive. Their long held belief in their superiority is going to be severely shaken!

This series continues in book 4, “War for the Empire” and then in book 5, “The Confederation and The Empire at War”. I’ll be putting them on my reading list.

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