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“The Vorn!”


5 Small Stars
Star Cross: The Vorn!

This series has gone through some changes. If you go back to the first few books, the Earth was just beginning to get into space and colonize other planets. Once such colony was Newton. It was far enough from Earth to be missed if you didn’t know the way there, but close enough so the two planets could share tech and commerce. Not much was thought about protecting either planet since humans had made no contact with aliens, yet.

Then the Profiteers came! One in particular, Profiteer Creed, brought his relatively small fleet to Earth and demanded all it’s gold and other precious jewels. Earth had very little in the way of planetary defenses and their only fleet was visiting Newton at the time of the Profiteers arrival. Still, Earth did what they could until word could get to Fleet Admiral Kurt Vickers and his fleet for help. Help did finally arrive and after a significant struggle, Fleet Admiral Vickers drove off the Profiteers this time.

Now Earth and Newton knew they were not alone in the galaxy. They eventually found out where the Profiteers came from and that place was a very busy system with a trading planet at its center called Kubitz. Actually, Kubitz was just a very large black market planet where anything and everything was bought and sold. Even humans from Earth found themselves being captured and sold at the slave markets on Kubitz.

So, as the master of capitalism, humans from Earth and Newton soon began learnig the ways of Kubitz dealing and managed to secure some very valuable and capable weapons and defensive systems. They soon became a formable force in this region of the galaxy. While Profiteer Creed still tried to cause trouble and returned to Earth once more, he found out that he pickings weren’t so easy. Fleet Admiral Kurt Vickers had built a pretty good sized armada and could protect Earth or Newton very easily.

The we learn of the “Destroyer’s of Worlds”. From here on out, the books takes a new direction which I think enable it to continue through these five books. Otherwise, I think the story would have ended some where around book three or sooner. The “Destroyer’s of Worlds” became known as the Vorn. They had been attacking this galaxy for millennia using the inhabitants of the galaxy’s planets as a food source. The Vorn were extremely powerful and very far advanced in technology compared to the rest of the galaxy and certainly the humans from Earth and Newton.

But, Admiral Vickers had learned of a lost civilization that had supposedly defeated the Vorn a long time ago, but for some reason, this civilization could no longer be found in the galaxy. Yet, he made inquiries on Kubitz, buying information from anyone willing to sell and eventually got a lead to a dark nebula that know on could enter. Into that nebula went Fleet Admiral Vicker’s and his ships. They found a Dyson Sphere so vast that it was beyond comprehension. Inside was the entire civilization of the Glaymons; billions of Glaymons. These people were again vastly far more advanced than anyone else in the galaxy and they had the capability to easily defend their Dyson Sphere against anyone ore anything including the Vorn.

The Glaymons were also pacifist! They knew about the Vorn and knew they were converting billions of sentient beings into food pellets, but that was not their worry right now. They figured they could exist very well inside their Sphere until their final plan for the extermination of the Vorn was ready. Only problem, that plan wasn’t going to be ready for two-million years!

So, Fleet Admiral Kurt Vickers has to some how convince these Glaymons to move their plan up considerably or at least release some of their technology. With the ships of the Glaymons, Admiral Vickers figured they might have some kind of chance against the Vorn. Then he met a faction of the Glaymons known as the Aggressives. These Glaymons were ready to fight the Vorn now! They had their own starships and Glaymons ready to go into combat, they only needed a little encouragement to breakout of the Dyson Sphere which they did in defiance of the Glaymon Council. These Aggressives also began to share their tech with not only Admiral Vickers, but Earth and Newton.

Now after four books about this new relationship, things are about to change for the Vorn. Everything you wanted done to them is about to happen. They no longer can harvest helpless planets turning their inhabitants into food cubes which are sent back to their Queens in an unknown part of the galaxy. The Vorn are ant-like and number possibly in the trillions how can the surviving galaxy population fight such a large and overwhelming foe. Will the assistance of the Glaymons be enough? You’ll find your answer at the end of this book. Enjoy reading the ending to a very good story.

Oh yeah, Profiteer Creed gets taken care of also!

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