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“Alien Contact”


5 Small Stars
Alien Contact

This is a great series!  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading these books!  Unlike the “Fleet Academy” which dealt with mostly younger kids getting in trouble, this book is about grown-ups or the Federation of Humans that have fled their worlds after being almost totally annihilated by the AIs and their slave warriors, the Hocklyns.

I have been confused as to the order of the books in this series.  I have read “Moon Wreck:  Fleet Academy” which was actually book 3 in the series but reading them in the order I have done seems to make for better continuity.

In “Fleet Academy” we found out that there were other humans in our galaxy and we started working with them.  But, we didn’t know how they got here or why they came to us in the first place.  “Alien Contact” tells you exactly how and why we have the Federation in our solar system and thank goodness they are here.

In this book we get to know Admiral Hedon Streth in great detail.  We also meet with Colonel Amanda Sheen, Admiral Streth’s second in command, and get to  know her as a human but also as a fast acting warrior.  After reading this book, now we know what happened to these humans and what will eventually happen to the humans of Earth if we don’t get prepared for war.

The writing is excellent, continuity is great, it has been superbly edited so it is very easy to read.  You will find yourself captured by this book and will probably loose a lot of sleep once you get into it.  There is a lot of fast paced action and a lot of human story lines that are nice to read about.

I can’t wait to get into the next book which I will do immediately.


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