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5 Small Stars

I have been reading a bunch of books by this author.  I will tell you right now, he is a very, very good author.  Both of the series I am reading (the other is “Slaver Wars”) are just fantastic books with superb story lines.

In this book we continue on after the Earth has been nearly destroyed by the Kleese.  We are slowly but steadily trying to re-build our civilization using a stolen Kleese space station, the moon and several large asteroids.  This is Mason Randle’s handy work.  As the builder of this new civilization had done wonders in the few short years since he oversaw the evacuation of the Earth after the Kleese’s first destructive visit.  The Humans along with their new friends, the Kiveans, are building not only a place for Humanity to live and survive but a place where we can eventually take the war back to the Kleese and get revenge for their destruction of Earth.

The Kiean’s are primarily non-aggressive but they have scientific capabilities far in advanced of Earth scientist which with the destruction of Earth are fewer than would hoped.  Slowly, with a mixture of Human and Kivean technology, Mason is building a mighty war fighting force.  They have already built two significant star fleets and are working on more simultaneously.  They do not know when the next attack by the Kleese will happen but this time they will be ready!

The Kleese are getting pretty mad at this upstart Humans.  They are preparing to send a Kleese fleet to destroy the Humans once and for all.  They have already destroyed most of the Kievean’s home world except for one major city.  I wonder if the Humans should try to recuse the surviving Kieveans?

You need to continue reading this series.  There is a lot of action, numerous characters that are developed and a lot of down-right good reading.  This is science fiction again at it’s best.  We even get to read about the Kleese and their reactions to this Human annoyance.  There’s still more to come in the next book.  I can’t wait.


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