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“First Strike”


5 Small Stars
First Strike

What an exciting series!  This is the series that every avid science fiction fan should read, with out a doubt.  This is what science fiction is all about.  New worlds, aliens, high tech, military action and extremely fast paced.  The fourth book in the series delivers on everything!

It’s now close to 300 years since Admiral Strong and Greg Johnson found the Federation of Humans inside the Asteroid Ceres.  Things have change much over the centuries as they must have in order for the new Federation of Humans to stand up to the Hocklyn threat.  One thing that certainly has changed is the knowledge that cryosleep will only keep a person tucked away for a certain number of years.  It appears that Admiral Hedon Streth and Admiral Amanda Sheen and all the former Federation of Humans and humans that chose to sleep until the day came to attack the Hocklyns, must be awaken.  There timing couldn’t be better.  It is believed the Hocklyns are arriving sooner than expected.

Jeremy Strong, Kelsey, Angela, and Kevin all chose to be put into cyrosleep so they are being awoke also.  Now 300 years later they realize there is only one reason they would be awoken now.  It’s time to fight the Hocklyns.  While they were not part of the original Federation of Humans, these four and one other, were the only survivors of the New Horizon, earth’s first interstellar spaceship.  That ship had to be self-destructed before it fell into the hands of the Hocklyn.  Jeremy and his friends soon found out the entire story of the Federation of Humans and they all elected to go into cryosleep to get payback!

I can’t stress how exciting these books read.  The writing is just superb.  It flows well from one scene to the next and you really never get lost and wonder what’s happening.  There are some slightly ridiculous parts like where Jeremy is promoted to Rear Admiral right after being awoke but so is everyone else it seems (except his friends)!  Some how Jeremy has been a tactical genius after only serving 6 years on a cruiser.  It’s a little strange that none of the other three are promoted or anything and they just happily accept that fact.  I don’t think so.

If you found this book and haven’t read the series from the beginning, you need to stop and go back to the start.  There is too much great reading to miss and this book could be confusing if you started right here.

I wonder if the humans have grown enough over 300 years to defeat the Hocklyns?  Read this book and find out!

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