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“Galactic Conflict”


5 Small Stars
Galactic Conflict

I put off reading this book because I had read all the other books in the series one after the other!  I just couldn’t stop reading them.  This story line is really good and the characters are great.  At one time it appeared that these books might be just about a group of young kids growing up during a galactic war but it’s far more than that.  Yes, Jeremy Strong and Katie Johnson are part of the original story where their fathers first landed on the moon and found the crashed Avenger space ship.  From that point on, Earth really got into the space age.  Now Jeremy and the “Special Five”, as he and his four other friends are being called, are now in the middle of fighting off the Hocklyn invasion.  They have found a new race of aliens that were former slaves to the Hocklyn’s but with Jeremy’s help, they were freed and now want to join the war against the Hocklyns.  Admiral Jeremy, his friends and his ship, the Avenger, are assigned a fleet to protect the Carethian planet.

With additional defensive weapons and missiles sent from the Federation, Jeremy and the Carethians have built formidable defense grid around the planet.  But, will it be enough?  The Hocklyns and their masters, the AIs, are building up a huge fleet intent on taking back the slave world and destroying any and all human presence.  Jeremy needs Admiral Streth to fulfill his promise to return and assist in the defense of Careth but Jeremy hasn’t heard a single word from New Tellus where the latest major battle was to take place.  For all he knows, the humans have been wiped out and he’s not going to see any reinforcements, ever!

Great reading, I mean really great reading.  I have lost a lot of sleep reading this entire series.  Last night I finished this book and it was 2 am so you have been warned.  Either start reading early in the day and have the determination to quit at bed time or plan on staying up very late!  These books are very hard to put down.

I believe the next and last volume is due this October so I shouldn’t have to wait very long to get my hands on it but I’m kind of not wanting the series to end.  I know some thing has to change and the war with the Hocklyns and AIs can’t last forever but I sure have made a lot of friends in these books and I will miss them when it’s over.

I know you’ll have the same experience when you get into this series.  It is very, very good.


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