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“Moon Wreck:  Fleet Academy”


5 Small Stars

I cannot believe I haven’t read this series before!  It is science fiction at it’s best.  The story continues from the previous three part book which left our two Astronauts facing an amazing job of getting Earth prepared to face a galactic war with an enemy that is about 286 years away.

That’s how much time Earth and the Federation of Humans have until the Hocklyn’s reach our Solar System.  They have already wiped out the Fedration of Humans who were and are much more advanced than Earth.  While Earth will benefit from the knowledge the Federation brings, it has to be slowly introduced in to the Earth’s economic system or it could destabilize the entire world.

This part of the series was more of a young adult story because the main characters are now the Sons and Daughters of Commander, now Admiral, Strong and Greg Johnson.  Jeremy Strong is now in the Fleet Academy and seems to be doing pretty good.  Then there’s Katie Johnson who turns out to be an untrustworthy teenager that should have been locked up!  I know that sounded pretty severe, but she is a real unnecessary nusiance.

Then we have to add in the fact that humans just can’t seem to do anything right!  We have to get terrorist involved and those responsible for the greatest event in humankind fail to take necessary security precautions!  I do not understand why there isn’t or wasn’t a great deal more security taken to protect the New Horizon while she was still docked.  That part of the story doesn’t seem to make sense.

Additionally, would Earth really develop and send out a brand new interstellar space ship that was completely unarmed?  I mean, this ship didn’t even have an on-board Marine Detachment!  Not going to happen that way!

Still, this was a great story and it continues.  I’m really glad I don’t have to wait for the next book!


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