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5 Small Stars

Well, these books didn’t take a whole lot of original thinking to create.  Mr. Weil has also written a series entitled “Slaver Wars” which almost exactly parallels the actions in this book.  While that one starts out with the Earth Humans finding a crashed starship on the Moon, this one has the Aliens finding Earth and almost wiping out Humanity.  The stories are so similar that at this point, the third book, it’s kind of hard to tell them apart.

In Rebellion, the Humans from Earth, those left after Earth was destroyed are now going out to the edge of the universe and trying to form an Alliance with other civilization that haven’t been directly attacked by the Kleese, yet!  Through some sneaky secret missions, the Earth Humans made some attacks on another Alien civilization that looked like they were the Kleese breaking a previously held peace agreement.  This started a war between the Kleese and the Strell.  But, that war is winding down and the Strell are losing.  They will soon fall under the Kleese Empire.

Now the Kleese are free to turn their attention towards the civilization that until now, have been left alone.  Now that the Kleese Zaltule, the warrior class for the Kleese, are awoke and fighting, they want to expand the Kleese Empire to the far reaches of the universe.  There are no other civilizations which are equal to the Kleese, so believe the Zaltule.  Yet, unknown to the Zaltule, are the previous exploits of the Earth Humans who, in the past, stole a Kleese trading station, taking it back to Earth.  They got away with this action by destroying a Kleese fleet that was manned by non-Zaltule warriors and less capable in the art of warfare.

So, the Humans see the need to create an Alliance of Earth and several non-allied civilizations inorder to have sufficient strength to defeat the Kleese if and when they attack again.  This story involves the mission to establish the Alliance and the rush to get this done before the Kleese fleet shows up again in the Solar System.

Can this Alliance fleet actually defeat a Kleese Fleet ran by the Zaltule?  That Zaltule fleet might be a large as 1,000 starships!  This seems to be an impossible task.  Earth cannot stand another strike by the Kleese or they and all Humanity will be wiped out.

This is a great book although as I mentioned, it does parallel another series by this same author.  This volume needs a little more editing since there were a number of missing or wrong words.  Not really expected from this author.

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