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5 Small Stars

Care Bears!  Really!  Our author has a sense of humor!

Wow!  What a great series!  I think I said that before but I’ll probably repeat that in every review because it is a great series. In this book we’re waiting on the Hocklyn’s and their masters, the AIs, to come and take away a forward operating base that we originally took from them.  We know that battle is going to be really, really tough and we don’t know how many AI ships will be in the new fleet.  Admiral Streth has a plan for the defense of this planet but his primary objective is to get the fight taken back to New Providence so the Federation of Humans can apply their full might against a combined Hocklyn/AI fleet.  It’s felt that, at New Providence, we might have a chance if the AIs don’t send an unreasonable fleet against the Federation.

The humans are astounding the Hocklyns by attacking and destroying AI ships.  That has never been done in the history of the Hocklyn civilization.  They have been directed by the AIs to gather up a huge armada that will completely wipe out the humans at the forward operations base and then follow them all the way back to their home worlds.  It is a battle of genocide!  The space fighting is really fast paced and described in pretty good detail.  I’m particularly pleased that the author has given us the alien side of this war as well as the human.  It is interesting to read what the aliens are thinking about during these battles.

I don’t know Admiral Streth expects to defeat the Hocklyns especially given that the Hocklyns have a fleet that measures in the thousands of ships.  Most humans fleets number in the 100 to 200 ships including support vessels.  It has also taken a lot of firepower just to defeat one single AI ship.  How will the Federation stand up to 10 AI ships in one single battle?

The Federation needs help but all of it’s allies are smaller civilizations that can’t provide much in support of the Federation military effort. There is even one ally that has now refused to even discuss becoming involved in this war with the Hocklyns and AIs. I wonder why they have taken such a stand?

You will be surprised what is revealed in this book.  There are a lot of things that are not as they seem.  The Federation will need help because the AI fleet is much, much larger than anyone every expected and know one in the Federation has a clue.

Continue reading this series.  You will not be disappointed.

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