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“The Awakening”


4 Small Stars
The Awakening

I wasn’t sure about this series. I was kind of throw off by the title. I figured surely a sci-fi author wouldn’t be writing a story about “ants” attacking Earth. Well, that’s just about what this story is about. Antz in space ships, no less. Of course the book is more about the humans and how they react to a new enemy that seems to be coming at them in the millions and millions. I don’t know how antz fly space ships but they do and they also build them from the ground. Like Earth ants, these colonize planets by burrowing into the ground and taking humans with them to feed their young.

There are several story lines about how humans start coping with this invasion. The author does a pretty good job of building characters and making them do useful things.

These books are short and you seem to come to the end real quick. If you’re going to start reading this first one, then you should just go ahead and buy the next three so you’ll have a good three or four days of reading.

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