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3 Small Stars
The O. O. P. Art

This book was confusing! I didn’t understand what was going on in a great portion of it and I almost stopped reading about a quarter of the way through. I think there was just to much going on and I couldn’t get a handle on the characters. Additionally, the book cover art really turned off my desire to read the book in the first place. It appeared to be a young adult book with the young female on the cover and I like military science fiction, so there was a number of things going against this book from the beginning.

Ok, what’s it about. Well, the best I can tell is that someone or something has left something on Earth from a prior visit, that has now been found. They want it back. I think there are three somethings, but I’m not sure. I believe the main character is Kalinda. She’s some kind of oceanographer and diver, I believe. Then there’s Louella who is an elderly lady (questionable) and I have no idea why she’s in the book. Then there’s some other guy named Phil Bennetz and he’s involved some how. I think Phil is a UFOlogist or he tracks down reports of UFOs. There are about a trillion other characters that I lost track of about half way through the book. Good luck to you in keeping them straight.

I believe Kalinda now just called Kal, gets caught in an underwater cave during a something. Something was shot into the water by someone that caused a huge tsunami and everyone thought that was the end of Kal. Except she wakes up in a tiny German U-Boat. Now I believe the book took place in present day or just barely in the future. How a German U-Boat gets into the book, you’ll have to read to find out. There’s a lot of mention of Nazis and German soldiers throughout the book. Yeah, I know it’s a strange book.

So, I was biased towards reading the book in the first place and I didn’t really like it after I got through with it and I sure ain’t going to read any more books in this series. I believe this one had an ending that could very well lead to the next, but once again, I’m just not sure what I read!

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