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5 Small Stars

Daniel Hunt is a guy who can’t remember anything about himself beyond the last five years. He knows he was some kind of fighter, either for the bad guys or the good guys. So far, it appears that he might have been working for the bad guys. This would be the Immortal Corporation. He’s found out that he was part of an elite team that did whatever the Immortal Corp. wanted them to do. Sometimes that involved killing a lot of people, many innocent of anything wrong. Daniel is slowly encountering other members of his old team, and while they can’t believe he has lost his memory, they are slowly giving him a picture of who he was.

At the moment he is with an Earth faction called the Phoenix. These are a group of people who desire to bring Earth back to the way it was. A scientist has developed a way to grow a plant in the almost dead dirt that now covers the once green and lush planet Earth. If the can successfully transfer his planting process to the Earth, then it might give humanity a chance to resettle their planet. The only problem right now, is that the scientist has been captured by the Immortal Corp. Daniel has promised the scientist’s daughter to fo and rescue him.

But, first he must track down a red haired wild woman (Samatha or Sam) who was part of his previous Immortal Corp. team. Sam was said to have arrived in an Earth city in the middle of a desert that was previously ruled by a vicious gang. She apparently wiped out that gang almost single-handedly so that is more evidence that this is one of his former pack members. He needs to find her and talk. He’s just wants to know more about who he is and why the Immortal Corp. decided they needed to kill his former wife(?). While Amber was also a member of the pack, she had developed a conscience and was thinking that what they were doing for the Immortal Corp. wasn’t all that necessary and certainly wasn’t good for the innocent people they killed. The Immortal Corp., lead by three specific people, ordered Echo and Sam to kill Amber! Echo did the job while Sam refused and therefore she had to flee the Immortal Corporation.

So, Daniel manages to get a shuttle to take him near the city of Cecile where Sam is supposed to be. He doesn’t know if she’ll accept him or what his reception is going to be like. The pilots taking him to Cecile thing he’s crazy for going anywhere near the place. Stiil, he must go to find more information about who he is and why. He’s already getting the idea that the immortal Corporation must be taken down and the sooner, the better.

Pretty good story and pretty good writing. So far I like these books. They’re certainly better written than a few books I have just read. I can see this story going on for much longer and I’ll continue reading these books.

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