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5 Small Stars

Our reluctant hero, Daniel Hunt, is still searching for his lost love, Amber. He now knows that she might have not been killed on that bridge where Echo was to have done the deed. Apparently, a member of the Order had done something that either saved Amber’s life or at least prevented her death. You’ll find out the entire story as you read through the book.

More importantly though is the fact that the Galactic Government (GG) isn’t on-board with Immortal Corps idea of creating a unified front to fight the Voy. They intend to negotiate with the Voy and attempt to reach an agreement with them that would avoid any bloodshed. Of course, the GG have no idea about who they are facing. General Armstrong is in charge of the GG council and it’s his idea to attempt this negotiation. The GG has agreed to a private meeting with the Voy at the Way location which we are familiar with since that’s the location Daniel Hunt and the Way settlers fought the Voy. Daniel knows that the Voy are setting the GG up for an ambush. He’s also hoping that by sending himself and some of his Pack Protocol members, they can rescue the GG and then get their support once they find out just how ruthless the Voy really are.

The ambush happens just like Daniel figured it would and his group did rescue the GG, but only after General Armstrong lay dead on the battlefield. He refused to retreat, so when he died his second-in-command proved to be much smarter and withdrew the GG forces. Daniel and his Pack members also managed to get out, but they found out that the coming invasion by the Voy was not going to be easy to put down. The GG finally threw their support behind the Immortal Corp. as well as about twelve of the larger other mercenary corporations.

Daniel became the leader of this new coalition by using some very barbaric means for such an advanced civilization. Of course, this means he had to fight and just barely won his last battle with an opposing corporation. But, he did manage to get the backing of all the corporations after they found out about the ambush with the GG. It seems now that everyone knows that not defeating the Voy isn’t a choice if they want to continue to live.

This is a pretty good story. Daniel and the Immortal Corp. plus the Way settlers he met previously, have found a very secure HQ courtesy of the late Rosemary Cripps, a.k.a. Rose. She was quite wealthy and had put a lot of her wealth into building a fortress which now became the property of Hunt. It was a vast estate and well stocked with everything from creature comforts to an unbelievable armory. It servers as the perfect HQ for the Immortal Corp. with Daniel as now the leader.

The story doesn’t end here. In fact, the final battle hasn’t even begun. While there’s about two days before the Voy begin their massive attack, Daniel doesn’t believe he’ll be able to accumulate enough forces. He and his people will be at about a four to one disadvantage, something you normally won’t live through. Should be very interesting.

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