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5 Small Stars

You just don’t get a fantastic series that is already out to seven books very often. Every one of these books have been just great and this latest one is no exception! I was surprised by the start of this book. I think you will be to. Everything seemed to be going just fine when we last left the Omega Force. They had just solved the puzzle of why everyone was after them and it had more to do with the Phoenix than the Omega Force. Having solved that puzzle, they should have been back to their rather carefree good-guy hero role. That didn’t happen as you’ll find out. Jason will relate the whole story at near the beginning of this book so hang in there until you get to that part. It will explain a lot.

Still, this book represents a major shift in the story-line. Not so much with the Omega Force, but with some of the surrounding characters. The author explains what he’s doing a the end of the book and it’s a good thing. I really like the characters that form the Omega Force and that group is not apparently going to change. I’m not exactly sure how they will continue, although they might now have a very powerful backer who is indebted to the Omega Force as he said, in a way that can never be fully repaid. Jason has also met up with another guy who appears to be on the shady side, but that’s not a given. This guy has tons of money and has already bailed Jason out when he needed it the most without asking for anything in return. Captain Burke did pay the guy off, but only because he didn’t want to be asked to do some kind of distasteful “favor” for this new benefactor. I don’t know if their relationship will last, but he could be a new player in the series.

It is interesting that Captain Jason Burke is always the one to get the girl, so to speak. It seems like every time they are helping someone, there is a very beautiful human-type female involved and they take a very quick romantic interest in Jason. It’s not that Jason goes looking for this, he’s just that lucky, I guess. He crew don’t seem to really mind, although I’m not sure why they haven’t taken on clients that are from some of their other races. Again, being the Captain even with this crew has it’s advantages. And, it’s not like any of the other crew has come up with a female of their species that wants to fly around with them.

Ok, so I’ve tried to be quite mysterious about the story-line in this book. it’s not something you will expect, but it does have significant repercussions on the rest of the series. In one regards, it makes it where the series can continue with the Omega Force a little more independent. They might also find a “home base” in which to reside while not actively assisting some one. As it was, they either just flew aimlessly through space or crashed a short while on the Defiant, but didn’t have a really good rest and recuperate location. I think they will establish one now. It’s going to be up to the author as to how much they can actually use this new down-time location.

The next book in the series, “Omega Force: Human Factor” is already published and, of course, I have it. I can’t wait to read it, but I will have to read other books in-between this one so as not to finish the series before I really want to do so. That’s the bad part of a really good series, they always have to end at some point. Still, it sounds as though this author will continue writing Omega Force books as long as we buy and read them. Keep’em coming!

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