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January 2022

The Book of Joe

“The Book of Joe”

I have to admit this book was kind of a struggle to get through. It’s not a bad book by any means so I do encourage you to read it, especially if you gotten through the other four books. This one is still about the exploits of a young linguist

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This is another very exciting first person individual Marine fighting against tremendous odds story. By now, you should be very familiar with Staff Sergeant Eli Vanhorn. In his former life, the one before the crash on Lenois B, he was scheduled to be a ship’s Armorer since he was classified

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An Alliance Reforged

“An Alliance Reforged”

I really like these stories about individual soldiers or Marines in this case. It lets us see the fighting from their prospective and not from the Captain of a starship or some other high ranking individual that a lot of stories are written about. Oh, yes, being a Captain of

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A Quantum of Uncertainty

“A Quantum of Uncertainty”

If you ever need to build a slipdrive you should probably read this book. There are a lot of detailed scientific stuff in Mr. Nolen’s writings. If even some of the things he write about are actually buildable things, then we should have starships already in our Solar System. If

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Last Stand

“Last Stand”

Boy, was the beginning of this book ever depressing! That’s probably an understatement. If you read the last book, then you know Emperor James Somerville and Earth entire fleet has pretty much been destroyed at Shanghai and are now trying to get back to the Solar System to protect Earth.

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This book involves a lot of fighting on the planet Aphrodite. Sgt Ryan Hendrix is in charge of the inserted Combat Infiltration Teams (CITs) which are to organize the local militia into fighting a resistance war against the Tahni on the planet. Ryan has the job because he volunteered for

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Another good book concerning humanities attempt to relocate to a far distant part of the galaxy/universe. This is the continuing story of Earth humans fleeting through the “Passage” to continue humanity after being driven from the Solar System by the Chian, a vicious eat-everything alien entity that couldn’t be stopped.

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First book of the new year and it wasn’t all that impressive! Sorry, but this is a story about some time travel adventures that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Oh, if you’re a “tree hugger”, environmentalist and one really way too concerned about the state of the

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