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November 2021



A pretty short book/story and somewhat predictable. We have a far distant Earth that has gone through, I guess, WWIII with the Russians invading the USA. They or some sponsored terrorist managed to set off a nuclear device somewhere off our east coast which devastated that area and left it

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This is one of my favorite series. I like reading stories about personal soldiers, sailors and Marines. In this one we get very personal with SSG Vanhorn who is not only a Marine, but a Terrestrial Advance Combat (TAC) Marine. He was also a disable veteran of several recent battles.

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This series is getting pretty depressing! It seems that the humans of the Solar System are doomed and there’s not much they can do about it. I don’t know if the actual solution to their situation has been already implemented, but there’s no hint of it in these books. Admiral

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Imperial Command

“Imperial Command”

Well, things are pretty bad for the fledging Human Empire. Empress Christine has been trying to get the political side of their new empire setup, but she’s finding some key resistance from New Delhi and its Indian colonies. It seems a dictator name Sai Culthrapori has taken control and is

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Ice World

“Ice World”

If you are reading this book, you must certainly know that it’s about the exploits of one Legionnaire named James McGill. He’s legendary as he’s known by quite a number of galactic alien species and is definitely a mystery to both these aliens and the humans who work with him

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The Battle for Earth

“The Battle for Earth”

I’m glad to see this series continue. It’s a very interesting story-line with the humans of the Solar System seeming to be the heroes for a change. The Human Empire which once resided next to the Confederation, was destroyed by that same Confederation and for a long time, the Human

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This story takes place after the remnants of Earth’s civilization have fled the Solar System to get away from the Chian, a monstrous alien that can travel through space and is almost impervious to any known weapon system. The surviving humans flew through the “Passage”, as they called it, to

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