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August 2022

Another new author and another new series. This is one of those good ones. We are in the far future and in the Alliance Space Navy. Our current mission is to find potential targets for the upcoming war games to be conducted by the fleet. Specifically, we are Lieutenant (JG) Jacob T. Grimm aboard
Get ready to do some aging! Well, not you personally, but the characters in this book are going to move along pretty rapidly. Not sure if I would like all these life rejuvenations they get to extend their lives for hundreds of years, but that’s the age and technology level that we find aboard
We’re back with this very tough and active Lieutenant Colonel Tanis Richards of the colony ship Intrepid. Except you’ll actually get thrown back 40 years earlier when the Intrepid was just getting ready to launch. There we are shown a scene where Tanis and Captain Jason Andrews are having a secret rendezvous at a
I’ve probably said this a bunch of times, but I really, really like this series. It’s about Gunnery Sergeant Reverent Pelletier, Pegasus Union Marine Corps and all those fantastic Marines with him. He’s now officially engaged to Staff Sergeant Tomiko Reiser, although their wedding date hasn’t been set. They have been slightly busy since