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October 2021

Fractured Horizons

“Fractured Horizons”

This seemed like a very short book. I think I read it in two nights which is about usual, but the story seemed to really fly. We’re back with Captain Carl Recker and his crew. It seems like all the ships in this book are relatively small. I say that

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Of Gods and Men

“Of Gods and Men”

Right from the start, this book is an environmental awareness spiel that you may or may not care about. It’s about us trashing the Earth although this story doesn’t take place on Earth. It takes place on Hallen, a colony planet settled far, far in our future. The humans of

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Lay the Hate

“Lay the Hate”

Well, I’m getting a little tired of this series in that I was never a fan of “fantasy” sci-fi and that’s what this has definitely turned into. A very weird kind of story with Army Rangers fighting 10,000 years in the future agains orcs, wizards, witches, ogers and other such

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A Broken Alliance

“A Broken Alliance”

Staff Sergeant Reverent (Rev) Pelletier is still with the Home Guard and for the most part, he and his fellow Guardsmen have been doing nothing! His time with the Home Guard was kind of dragging on him in that he wasn’t getting the leadership time he felt he needed. With

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Lost Ship

“Lost Ship”

Got to say this seemed like a very short book. I usually don’t pay attention to the length of a book, just how long it takes me to read it, and this one was done in two short nights of reading. Still, it was a very interesting story and a

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This book is a continuation of the other three, but now SSG Vanhorn seems to have everything under control and all the troops with him are working towards the same goal. And that goal is to get some communications up and trying to contact the Fleet. They have Trip building

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