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September 2022

Well, this book is turning out much different than I expected. Our main character through the other four books has really taken a second place to a lot of other characters. He’s also kind of acting dumb in this book. Just when everyone needs him, he turns into a by-the-book stodgy do-nothing guy! I
Well, this book is beginning to read like most of my other military sci-fi books in that we now have an enemy to focus on. Instead of mindless drones that the Confederation fought against in the last war, we now know there is an alien race behind them. We’re also soon going to find
I really didn’t want to read this book. Still, it was on my reading list so I plunged ahead and it turned out OK! This is a military sci-fi horror book, plane and simple! If you read the first book (which you should have), you should have known what was coming ie., spiders! Yes,
We’re back on planet Amir with Jared Reach, Liana Craiswell (Madame Osay) and Colonel Bosa. These are the leaders of the American peoples on the planet. The original settlers were the descendants of a colony ship sent by American several centuries in the past. They were to be joined by the USS Boone, another
Ok, this was kind of a frustrating book in that nothing really gets explained even at the end. It is somewhat exciting, but these Force Recon Marines are something akin to super-soldiers if they could put up with all the stuff in this book. We start off with our Force Recon platoon heading for
It took me awhile to figure out what this book was about. Even after reading my reviews on the first two books, I still wasn’t sure what was going on. I finally figured out who Captain William Gorman was and realized he was a clone of the real Gorman, but he’s built his own
This series is interesting, but kind of boring. It seems like all the main characters do is think about what they are going to do next and not really doing much of anything. That might not be totally correct, but as I read this book I was definitely getting bored! Oh, well, I did
I went straight to book 2 in this series because it is so very good. I like the way the story is developing and one reason in particular is that I can’t figure out what is going to happen next. Some stories are pretty predictable in that the main character does this or that