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July 2022

Peacemaker Van Tudor is still busy doing his best to maintain law and order in the greater galaxy, but it seems to be wearing on him. While he has a tendency to do what is necessary in stopping these bad guys, he’s known to skirt the law something terrible. There’s nothing actually illegal about
This seems to be a story where everyone of the plot streams seem to be heading towards the same thing. I’m not sure that’s what’s going to happen, but I bet it does. Still, in this book, nothing much does really happen to get the various parties together. In the last book, Gareth Weston
This is a new author to me and a new series. Both I will continue to read because this book was absolutely fantastic! I’ll admit that I’m not always in for books that have a female leading character, but this book has one that I’d be proud to serve under although she does scare
Peacemaker Van Tudor is still making his way in this strange and complicated world he now finds himself. After finding out that his Grandfather was a Peacemaker for a very long time, Van got the opportunity to take his place and do the same things. And he’s doing them very well. He and his
One thing. you can certainly say about Peacemaker Van Tudor II is that he sticks to a case until it’s solved, or so far, that is. He and his band of characters, including Torina, Perry (a AI bird), Icky (a huge gorilla-like alien girl) and Netty (his spaceship) and still pursuing an unknown band
This is a fun series if not a little frightening for the main character, Ben. If you’ll remember, Ben and Matt were both young guys just getting ready to start living their lives when Ben was diagnosed with cancer. He had a brain tumor that Earth doctors didn’t know how to remove without permanent
This was an author that I hadn’t read before so I didn’t know what kind of story I’d be getting into. Turns out it was a very well written story with lots of intrigue and well developed character set. It starts off with the Solar System at war with itself or rather the Chinese
Well, I can definitely relate to the main character, Gareth Weston, in this book. He’s a retired veteran who has not taken easily to his new retirement life style. After nearly forty-years in service his body is feeling the effects of all those years of a physically demanding profession. I definitely can relate to
Now that the humans seem to have come together against a common enemy, they are attempting to assist each other in their encounters with the Naxli. That is what SSG Reverent (Rev) Pelletier, Perseus Union Marine Corps, is attempting to do with the Manifest Destiny Sphere (MDS) on the MDS planet Alicia’s Bounty. Since
This is a strange book. It seems like it’s two or three books rolled into one or maybe two, I don’t know. You’ll have to decide what you think about this rambling story and all the places it takes you. First we start with a Nether Ops Agent, Andien Broxin, who managed to kidnap