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December 2022

Rick Partlow is one of my favorite military science fiction authors. He always write a good story with lots of action that keeps the reader interested. This book is kind of like his previous although I had to say it’s kind of a “cookie-cutter” that’s probably been used by a lot of writers. Oh,
If you’ve followed this story through the first three books, you know this is about starfighter pilots and their Synthetic Intelligences (SIs) that share their starfighters with them. Yes, these SIs are former humans who had access to the F-77c starfighter which came with a neural link directly into the pilots brains. This allowed
Ok, so by now you know what’s happened. Kyle Lassiter and company have transitioned to Eden and are ready to begin a new life. This time they should be free from all the government regulation and overbearing politicians that just want to make themselves richer and more powerful. Eden sounds like a paradise that’s
Got ahold of another quasi-millitary science fiction book/series. Still, I’m more than happy to read this series if the rest of the book in it are this good. First time reading Mr. Anderson, but it probably won’t be the last time. He writes a fantastic story in this book with some pretty good character
After reading just reading another book by Toby Neighbors titled, “Space Fever (McCoy Chronicles)” and finding out that it wasn’t anyway close to military science fiction book, this one gets back on track. This is pure military science fiction with the emphasis on “military”. Gunnery Sergeant Vanhorn is still on Orrakron struggling to survive.
Right off, this is not a military science fiction book. It is science fiction and some good reading, but it has nothing to do with the military, well, except for one guy how’s retired. This book is about the four McCoy brothers. They are middle aged if being around 55 is considered middle aged.
This series is getting a little fusing and this book seems to be a lot confusing. I’m not sure what the Prologue was about nor the 1st chapter. When we finally reached the 131st Legion, that got me clued in on what was going on. The 131st Legion is commanded by General Chhun who
The last book I read in this series kind of bored me. Didn’t seem to be going any where and was getting a little tiring to see nothing happening that would get Earth back. As you know, the Veldon have attacked Earth suddenly and without warning. They completely obliterated Earth’s defenses including five fleets
Continuing a fantastic series with Gunnery Sergeant Reverent Pelletier, Perseus Union Marine Corps, as the main character. I always enjoy these books because they are so well written. They really get down into the squad and small unit level telling how the fighting is going on and how decisions above effect these grunts on
If you’ve been following this series from the beginning, you probably knew that this story would eventually show up. Having left Earth many, many years ago, there are still New Earth colonist that remember what Earth was like and longed to return. Some were very wary of returning, not knowing if the Earth they