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May 2022

Lead the Way

“Lead the Way”

I don’t know if these Rangers will ever get out of the Ruins! It sure doesn’t seem like their ordeal is going to end anytime soon and I’m getting tired. I can’t imagine how these guys feel after going into one terrible battle after another. Oh, I know they probably

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Base of Fire

“Base of Fire”

Moss LeFer isn’t in the military or at least not any more. He’s supposed to be on Bellona Prime enjoying his retirement or at least the rest of his life with Hali and the kids. They have built a beautiful place in the Grand Valley and wanted to keep it

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Second Chance

“Second Chance”

Nathan Hystad writes some strange science fiction books and this is one of the strangest! It’s kind of complicated even though this is the second book, I didn’t really figure out what was happening until it was almost over. This is also a rather lengthy book or maybe it just

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Into the Fire

“Into the Fire”

The battle over Alfheim did not go well for the Republic. In fact, it went terribly bad for the Republic Army. Some two-hundred thousands soldiers, contractors and civilians had been left on the planet when the fleet had to do a hasty retreat. Those soldiers were slowly dying while hiding

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Starship for Sale

“Starship for Sale”

This is one of those books where an everyday normal guy gets into something totally cool. I mean the story is something I would absolutely love to be involved in although I wouldn’t personally want to be the main character in this book. The reason for that is that Benjamin

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Whew! This book tired me out! All that fighting and trying to not get killed. Seems like humans just gotta’ kill each other no matter what! We’re over planet Gaia, the sanctuary planet that the remnants of the humans from the Solar System fled to in order to escape the

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Starship Gilead

“Starship Gilead”

New author to me and a new series, but one that I’m a little disappointed in. This story should have been written with a 16th or 17th Century setting. I think the author could have done everything he did with the Starship Gilead while it plowed through the oceans fighting

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Space Corps

“Space Corps”

This is undoubtedly one of the worst books I have read in a long time! It is page after page of worthless BS that I can’t imagine anyone thinking this was good science fiction. It wasn’t even close. While this is the first book of a series, it’s the last

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