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Review Policy

Writing is very hard; getting people to read your writing, might just be harder. Well, I’m here to help, a little.

I will read your masterpiece fairly quickly if you will get it to me using the following guidelines:

  • I read MILITARY science fiction only! If you have a fantasy book, sorry, I ain’t going to read it.
  • Your book will get an honest personal review by me. I will write about your book, what I liked and maybe disliked, but I will not tell anyone to not read a book.
  • I will publish my review on Amazon, Goodreads, and my web site, Science Fiction Book Reviews. 
  • I will accept books in mobi or Kindle format if you wish to send it to me. Otherwise, just tell me where on Amazon I can find it and I’ll get it if I think I want to read it. If not, I’ll tell you upfront I’m not going to read your book. 
  • I will on occasion, write an author to ask questions about your book. It just shows that I’m interested in your writing. I may also point out errors in grammar or context, if I find them. And, if I find these kind of errors to be numerous, I’ll mention that in my review, so get a good editor. 
  • I will always try to notify an author or publicist when I have posted my review.

Oh, one other thing. I offer my knowledge of military service to you if you have questions or are doing research. I’m a military guy with service in both the Navy (Enlisted – 4 years active duty) and with the Army (Army National Guard – 28 years – Retired: Lieutenant Colonel). I was also a long time employee of the Air Force having retired in 2008 after 38 years (Civil Service).

Thank you.

Jim C.