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I’m the Webmaster as well as the person responsible for all these science fiction book reviews. As you can tell, I read science fiction books. I don’t read much of anything else. I have liked science fiction books and movies since as far back as I can remember, and that’s a long time. I prefer military science fiction and really won’t bother with science fantasy, swords, knights, or zombies. I also don’t like to read alternate time lines, they just don’t make sense to me.

At one time, I worked for a living. I started working at the young age of 16 and never stopped until I retired in 2000 and then in 2008. I had a four year stretch in the US Navy and saw Vietnam doing two tours aboard the USS Midway, CVA-41. That ship is now a museum somewhere in San Diego, CA!

I also joined the Army National Guard after my active duty period in 1974. I stayed with this for a long time, 24 years total, and retired from the Army in 2000. With a reserve retirement, you have to wait until age 60 to start collecting any retired pay. Retiring in 2000, put me at 50 years of age and as a Lieutenant Colonel, so I had to manage to live another 10 years so I could collect on my Army retirement. I did and now I get paid for doing what I want to do!

At the same time (1974), I got a civilian job with the USAF in my home town. I worked for the Air Force for the next 34 years as a Civil Servant. I retired, as a GS-15, from that job in 2008. My specialty in the Air Force was Financial Management. I could never figure out why someone would want to be in the Air Force and work in financial management. It certainly wasn’t a war-fighting job, although, during the last 14 years of my career, I worked for Air Force Intelligence and did finance a lot of war-fighting activities. I always figured that if you’re going to be in the military, then get a weapon and go fight the bad guys. So, now you know why I’m partial to military science fiction.

I’m married with two grown Sons. I just turned 70 (May 2020), but I plan on living another 100 years or so. Nanites and body transplants need to hurry and become commonplace for that to happen! I have a wonderful wife who has put up with me for 45 years (May 1970), and I think she will continue putting up with me for quite a bit longer, I hope!

If you are an author, I really respect what you do. If you have a book that you would like read and reviewed, I promise to do just that as soon as I get to the book. If you can provide me with a copy suitable for my Kindle HDX, then I will get it done quicker, but I do not mind buying your book from Amazon. I don’t know how authors can have books on Amazon and not charge for them or only charge a couple of dollars. For all the hard work you do, you ought to get paid more than that, but if you sell a million books at $1 each, then you’ve got a million dollars, right! That’s not too bad.

Ok, that’s me. If you want to contact me about a book or this web site, use this email address: Science Fiction Book Portal.


Jim C.