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Just Finished #776!

According to my records, I’ve just published my 778th review! Whew! That’s a lot of reviews for one old guy!

I can’t say it’s a lot of reviews for anyone since I don’t know how you read books. I’m sure there are lots and lots of people out there who have read a lot more books than I have and they’ve probably reviewed a lot more, but at least I’m keeping track. My number goes back to 2010 so, that it again over almost 11 years I’ve been doing this. And, I know I don’t have every book that’s I’ve read listed as reviewed. Some, I just can’t remember because they were read way before 2010 and I didn’t write any kind of reviews back then. So, I’m saying 778 reviews is a lot for me.

Now some of you probably have noticed that most of my reviews are 5-Stars. That’s because I chose my books carefully and if I don’t like the way a book starts out or I can’t understand what’s going on, I’ll stop reading a book and not waste my time. I don’t want to write a good review about a bad book. It won’t do the author any good and will be a waste of my time. I have read and rated a very few books below 3-Stars. But, I like to give authors some credit for at least making the effort to write and that usually gets a 3-Star rating if I can get through the book. Now that my time is somewhat limited by the number of good books I have on my reading list, you won’t find too many more 1- or 2-Star ratings. I just don’t have the time to do them and won’t read a bad book. So, I guess you can be assured that if I have rated your book then it’s a pretty good book and that should encourage you to write more. More good books is what I like.

Two of my favorite authors have teamed up and created a great series. The “Sentenced to War” series is now at two books. “Sentenced to War”, book 1 was followed by “Children of Angels” and both are excellent books. There are more coming so be on the look out for them. Some great military story telling in these books.

Jim C.