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Two More Books Reviewed and a Request

Well, I just added “Wayward Galaxy” by Jason Anspach and J. N. Chaney and “The Archeron” by Rick Partlow.The Acheron

Both of these were very good books although my male chauvinism did show up against “The Archeron“, sorry about that. Rick Partlow usually writes his stories with strong male main characters so I was kind of surprised to see the MC as a young woman. The story is good, but it comes with some of the usual love-dovey stuff that seems to clog up a female led book. Of course this is all my opinion and they are my reviews so take them or not.

Wayward GalaxyWayward Galaxy” is a very good story that I was glad to see continue in a series. I’m not sure how it will develop, but the characters are very interesting. There’s also a built in humor source called “Brody” who is an A.I. that seems slightly off his rocker. It’s still a good story with a lot of exploits by US Army Rangers. That’s got to be good.

One other book I will mention here is “Forgotten Ruin” which is a very good story about the US Army Rangers who are placed in a fantasy Forgotten Ruinworld, but do what they know best and that is meet with the enemy and kill them. I was really impressed with the writing and the characters. I’m glad to see this also going to a series. I can’t wait to read the next book, “Hit & Fade” as well as the third book in the series “Violence of Action

And, I’m happy to say I got a review request from an author. He sent me a copy of “Prime Vanguard” by Alexander O’Donnell. I actually started reading it last night and so far, it’s pretty good. This isn’t a true military sci-fi book, but it has military character in it and seems to be very mysterious as to what they are going to be doing in a short while. Last I left them, they were still in their journey to the interesting site to investigate what was there. Sounds good so far and thanks for the book!