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“First Conquest”


5 Small Stars
First Conquest

This book is really a science fiction space combat at it’s finest.  The entire book is about an Earth’s fleet entering a hostile solar system intent on capturing a planet to colonize.  The planet is already inhabited but it’s believe there is plenty of living space on the planet and the majority of the inhabitants stay in the topic regions near the equator whereas the temperatures will be more adaptable for the humans at or near the poles.  This is a heavy planet, about 1.2 gravities.

Apparently this solar system is guarded by something alive.  It is in the form of a huge space ship and can gestate additional space vehicles at will.  These develop into additional weapon platforms with autonomous capabilities or brains based on their intended use by the master ship.  It’s a strange concept but this is pure science fiction.

This is also a fight to the death.  On-board the human command ship is hundreds of thousands of human in crypto sleep.  They have been that way for the entire 36-year duration of the trip!  Why did the humans have to come this far to find another planet?  And what has the alien Empire they are about to face done to  Earth.  This human fleet may well be the last of the human race.

Constant space fighting and then we get to put some space marines into action.  They are digging through a moon to stop or destroy a terrible something buried very, very deep.  If they alien command ship sees them on the moon, it may wipe out the only hope for a human victory.

Very good writing and easy to read.  I would enjoy reading future books by this author and in this series.