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“Freedom’s Fire”


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Freedom's Fire

I found a new to me author and a new series. I think it’s going to be a pretty good series, especially with three books already published. I like to just read every book one at a time so the story has great continuity for me.

Once again, Earth and humanity has been conquered! Man, I get so tired of reading that. Somebody needs to write a book that say humanity has kicked some butt in the galaxy and everyone is staying away from us. I know there are some series like that, but I haven’t found one in awhile. But, I digress, so back to this story. We don’t find out the name of our main character until about half way through Chapter 4, so you’re probably going to be thinking, “Who is this guy?” as he explains the world situation in detail for the first three and a half chapters. It’s all in first person (I) so he’s telling you his version of things and it’s pretty bad. His name is Dylan Kane, gravity factory worker who has a alien implant in his head. At first, you think I might not like this guy, but he lets you know early on that he’s hiding something.

Our aliens conquerers are the Grays. Yeah, the big headed, big black eyes and skinny bodies we’ve all seen in those sci-fi movies. They seem to have some pretty good weapons on their starships, but they aren’t all that technologically advanced. But, when Earth is basically defenseless from high orbit, it’s not that hard to subdue everyone with some pretty heavy orbital bombardment! And, to top it all off, the Greys are telepathic to an extent. That’s the way they communicate with each other, like a hive mind, and they have been able to get into the minds of some humans so it’s difficult to hide much from them.

Except, Dylan Kane, has been hiding quite a lot lately. He and his fellow patriots are plotting a revolution. And that’s where the fun begins. The Grays are in a war with the Trogs. Now, I’m not all that clear on who the Trogs are exactly, but they seem to be star-faring neanderthals! Of course, that doesn’t make sense, but let’s just say, they are winning their war with the Grays. So much so, that Earth was conquered just to give the Grays a slave manpower pool to fight the war and build the resources they require. Except, the Grays don’t know how to fight a war and don’t know how to build good warfighting equipment and hardware. They don’t even use computers and won’t allow humanity to use them except in rare circumstances.

Now that the war has really gone badly, almost every human that can stand on their own two feet have been or will be drafted into the fight. Dylan Kane is just about ready to report to his induction center. He’s done all the required simulator training while also doing his job at the gravity plate factory, but none of these current “draftees” have ever received any kind of actual military training. So, it appears they are just cannon fodder to go and die for the Grays. Dylan is soon to be come Major Commissar Dylan Kane. He has and is also part of the Ministry of State Security (MSS) which are those humans who have supposedly sided with the Grays against humanity. When the Grays first arrived on the Moon, it was made pretty obvious of their intentions since they build huge rail guns designed to send devastating slugs to Earth. After wiping out most of the major population centers, a contingent of North Koreans managed to get to the Moon and arranged to surrender to them if they were given a significant role in running the conquered Earth. So now, the North Koreans are in charge of most everything on the planet backed up by their alien friends, the Grays.

Still, Dylan Kane as a Major Commissar is going to be in position to greatly influence what little war that might be left with the Trogs. He and about a division of soldiers like him are being loaded on space ships which will be launched into orbit to protect Earth. All of these troops will be armed. They will all soon become revolutionaries! Good stuff.

I’ve already got the second book, “Freedom’s Fury” and the third and fourth book, “Freedom’s Fray” and “Freedom’s Fist” are also available. I’ll be getting both pretty soon.

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