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“Awakening to Judgement”


4 Small Stars
Awakening to Judgement

This book seems a little odd. Jack Rimes is a rough and tough, combat veteran that seen it all. He’s now a Colonel and in charge of a Emergency Reaction Force (ERF) that seems to have proven itself in that the “Genie” war is over. Genies, as you’ll recall, are humans that were created in the labs via manipulation of human DNA. The have some animal characteristics interwoven with their human DNA which makes them a little different than the normal human. They were also considered experiments by the scientist who made them and subsequently destroyed when they came out wrong.

As sentient beings, these Genies began recognizing that they were not being treated as humans which they felt they should be. They were probably right. So, a war was started between normal humans and Genies. It seemed as if the Genies were bent on destroying every single human in the solar system, yet they continued to say they wanted nothing more but to leave Earth and human-kind alone and far away. Jack Rimes and his soldiers had learned how to fight the Genies a long time ago. His success during the Genie war brought him to where he is now, idle, but training for the next war.

It seemed inevitable that there would be a “next war”. As it turns out, this war involved the metacorporations finally deciding they had enough of government interference and would not be subjected to it any longer. Several of the metacorporations even joined together to form a mega-corpration, something no one believed would ever happen. Most metacorporations were to greedy, too power hungry to share themselves with any one else. But, one has came into being and now it wants to eliminate it’s biggest challenge and that is Jack Rimes and his ERF. They almost do so with a vengeance!

Still, there’s something suspect about this sudden merger of giant corporations that isn’t right. They’ve decided to set up on Earth. That’s when things began to change for the worst. Yet, the people of Earth didn’t seem to notice. Something dark and sinister has begun controlling them and they are wondering around in ignorant bliss, while the world crumbles. It’s up to Jack Rimes and surprisingly a group of friendly Genies to stop whatever is going on, on Earth.

The action is pretty fast and exciting if a little bit hard to keep up with. A lot of things happen in the story. Some of this stuff doesn’t make sense and some kind of does. The biggest thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that the ERF will play a role in future books, but there will be a huge missing part and I don’t understand how the story can continue. I’m not sure I’ll be interested.

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