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“Gehenna Dawn”


4 Small Stars
Gehenna Dawn

Pretty Darn Good Way to Start a New Series!

Overall, I liked this new story. This new character, Jake Taylor, seems to be your typical storybook hero. He’s unassuming but has amazing talents that are hidden until he learns how to be a soldier or dies. He sent to a planet that can easily kill just by breathing the air and not becoming acclimated correctly and quickly. He survives and becomes what he was supposed to be, a “Supersoldier” serving the Earth and those who sent him there. Unfortunately, he finds out something that he should have known all along and starts to correct his past mistakes, with a vengeance!

The action is fierce but not always clear as to who Jake Taylor is really fighting. You would think that he would know who his enemy was inside and out after almost 10 years of constant fighting. They certainly have killed enough of these Machines they talk about as the enemy but apparently they haven’t captured any alive, ever! That’s kind of puzzling? Still, if you like an intense military sci-fi story, this is for you. I liked it because it has enough differences from most stories because of the actions at the end.

But, before I go, I have a serious concern about a soldier that has constantly been at war for fourteen years – that’s 14 years, not days, or months, but 14 years! I’m not sure he or anyone else could be a fully stable and functional human after so long. How could you?

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